WE Will Change the World

April 13th, 2014

hanuman parkWe have the technology… Vedic technology… the most powerful and 100% positive technology in the world!

So, for goodness sake (and I mean that quite literally!), if Madonna could change the world, we certainly can – and will.

As Peter Drucker said: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Who Is Hanuman?

April 7th, 2014

hanumanYesterday I met with the Ashram people, work-study group, and staff here at Mount Soma.  Someone asked me to talk a bit about Hanuman. I responded with something like this:

Hanuman is the embodiment of devotion.  His life is overtaken by Lord Rama.  That is to say, He is fully awake to the Divine within.  His own Divinity is, of course, One with Lord Rama.  All levels of His life are lived in harmony with, in full devotion to, Lord Rama.  There is no separation, or one could say there is just enough apparent separation that he can adore His Lord from a distance.

Hanuman is Shiva.  ShivaRam is the personification of Shiva and Rama as One.  Shiva adores Rama.  Rama adores Shiva.  The story of Rama and Hanuman, the Ramayana, is the story of existence… of nature… the very subtle and fine mechanics that underlies all of creation.  It is eternally lively at every point in creation.  It is nature, existence, the mechanic of the universe expressed in personified form.

Ram is the sound that holds all of this in seed form.  Ram is the gateway to the fullness that dwells within you and is You.  To understand this is to understand the physics underlying all existence, and is yet so much more that just physics.  Ram is the science and the heart of all that is.  Hanuman and Rama are one, just as the same diamond appears different from various angles, but it is the same one diamond.

There is no end to the exploration of the beauty of nature and structure of existence, the many facets of creation, the beauty of the exploration of ShivaRam… no end to the exploration of the beauty of the nature of Rama… of Hanuman.  So exquisite… profound… so beautiful.

Hanuman Installation


April 4th, 2014
Instead of just looking to the outside world to determine your karma,
look to what lies within your emotions and your mind, your heart and your ‘head’.
For an illustration, watch the video below.


April 2nd, 2014

People have many diverse motivations in life. Some strive to make money. Others are devoted to mastering a musical instrument. Some aspire to higher and higher levels of education. Some are dedicated to certain principles, that is to say their beliefs regarding being in the right as much as possible. Still others focus on accomplishing whatever task may be at hand.

But after it is all said and done, there is one thing that brings more fulfillment regarding how you live your life than anything else. That, quite simply, is how other people feel about you. Do they respect you as a person?

The odd thing about all this is that that most fulfilling aspect of your life is very simple to attain… yes indeed, very, very simple. The only problem is that people do not have their attention there. They focus more on motivations such as the ones listed above. That is done at the expense of gaining the respect, love, and good feelings of others. Simply making a habit of keeping your finger on the pulse of how others are feeling about you is the simple yet profound key to it all. And even more amazing is that you do not have to always do it perfectly. Mistakes in this regard are not really a problem. You have only to do your best to correct the mistake and move forward. And the correction need not be a dramatic act. A simple acknowledgement is usually quite enough. That in fact, will gain you more respect than if the mistake was never made in the first place. You may think the acknowledgement is a swallowing of your pride or and undermining of your stature, but in truth, it is exactly the opposite.

I encourage you to just try it. Go ahead and focus on whatever task is at hand, but keep your finger on the pulse of how your actions are compelling people to feel about you as a person and do your best to make that a very positive feeling. You will find that in doing so, whatever the task at hand may be, you will be more successful in the accomplishment of it. At the same time, over and above the accomplishment of the task, you will find greater fulfillment in life.

It is really all so simple. Just do the Surya Ram Meditation as instructed and keep you finger on that pulse of respect. Respecting others is the key to attaining their respect and love, is the key to success in whatever task you may embark upon, and is the key to fulfillment in a life well lived.

One final point:  It is not so much about how you behave when everything is wonderful and everybody is getting along that gains the respect of others.  It is more about how you behave during conflicts or disagreements.  Do you just try to prove your point, make yourself right, or make the other wrong?  Do you stonewall any perspective or feeling other than your own?  Or are you working with the relationship in a manner that will gain the respect and appreciation of others.  Never forget that this is how you gain your own self-respect and appreciation.  Never forget that you have not won over a person, just because you have silenced them.

Real conflict resolution, and I mean resolution within your own heart and mind, comes not from winning an argument, but instead it comes from winning the respect of others.


Divergence from Truth

March 30th, 2014

The following quote is true in all fields of life… politically, philosophically, socially, morally, economically, and so on. The field of spirituality is no exception. Like a reed blowing from side to side in the wind, society swings like a pendulum through varying degrees of perception of truth.

Though all things are rooted in Truth, few see the Truth underlying all things. Yet people cling to their current notions of truth. This is the way of the world.

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.”  – George Orwell


Web Cam Update

March 24th, 2014

We are in the process of finding a suitable video camera for the online live video of the temple at Mount Soma. It should be up and running before too long. Thanks for your patience.

The Art of Life

March 21st, 2014

pianoLike all children learning to play a musical instrument, my daughter gets frustrated when she has to play the scales.  At such times, with frustration, she decides she doesn’t want to play piano anymore.

Playing piano is an art.  It is learned through practice.  Even if you are enlightened, it doesn’t mean you are a good pianist.  It requires practice.

Perhaps the most challenging art in all of life is dealing with people.  It takes practice. Frustration is part of that process.  Like children with music, adults often feel inclined to give up on learning the art of dealing with people.  They would prefer to live in a bubble, isolated from the world.  This is just like the ostrich burying his head in the sand.  The ostrich may think that makes him safe, but in truth, it makes the ostrich more susceptible to danger.

The simple truth is that life is all about people.  Your ability to deal with people directly affects the degree to which you are successful in life.  Success in this regard is measured on all levels: personal fulfillment, financial success, happiness, the list goes on.  The sooner you accept that and dedicate yourself to cultivating the art of dealing with people, the better off you will be.  As with playing the scales, you will become frustrated.  You will hit the wrong note many times, but practice makes perfect.

I offer many tools to assist you in the process.  It takes time to learn those tools, but learning them is just the beginning.  You must practice their application over and over again.  You are not just learning to play a musical instrument here.  You are embarking upon the greatest challenge of life, second only to the attainment of enlightenment.

24 Hours Live

March 18th, 2014

Now you can go to a live view of Sri Somesvara Temple 24 hours a day.

You will find it on the home page of both MountSoma.org and SriSomesvara.org.

Not only is it beautiful but also a practical way of checking the weather at Mount Soma.

Sri Somesvara Temple

Does God Exist?

March 17th, 2014

blue birdAll of the confusion, superstition and distortions around the notion of God have lead people to deny the existence of God.  I do not believe in the distortions, superstitions and confused notions either.

Do you believe in science?  Science tells us there is a unified field… one thing out of which all things are born and all things are in their essence.  Just assign the name “God” to that one thing.  Then, if you do not believe in God, you do not believe in science.  Of course, the scientific understanding of the unified field is still in its infancy.  As you deepen your understanding of that Unified Field, you will deepen your understanding of God.  As a physics and math major in undergraduate school, the son of an electrical engineer, and the brother of a PhD in physics, what I discovered in my rational approach to that understanding opened me to remarkable realizations.

To the rationalists out there, I do not ask you to abandon your rationality.  I ask you to use it to investigate that rational sequence for yourself.  It may well test your own affinity to dogma, though you may currently not think of it as dogma.

Perhaps you prefer to not even consider this.  The choice is yours but the potential is enormous.

Psychophysiological Addiction

March 15th, 2014

imageEvery chain has its weakest link. When the psychology is stressed, aspects of the physiology are stressed, and vice versa. During those times, the psyche crumbles into the weakest link of its chain, which we call the Psychophysiological Addiction.

“Addiction” is the right word. It is a habit. For some people, it’s fear. For others, it may be anger, depression, sadness, feeling hurt, not wanted, not appreciated, not liked, rejected, and so on. You would do well to know your Psychophysiological Addiction. If you’re not sure, in all likelihood, your friends and loved ones can tell you.

The power of its grip is not to be underestimated. During those times, it is your world view. Everything that happens is perceived in a manner that justifies it, that proves it, that confirms its perspective is truth. It is very difficult for a person to see past it. It is an addiction as powerful as an addiction to a drug or any bad habit. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to break a bad habit. It is even more difficult to do so when it is self-justifying.

You have an idea what it takes to break a bad habit. Use those resources to move past your Psychophysiological Addiction. At the same time, don’t judge yourself along the way. Breaking a bad habit is a process. Awareness of your Psychophysiological Addiction is a huge first step well begun, half done. The other half requires tenacity and courage, self-honesty, and humility. In a sense, this is not so much about getting rid of it, as much as it is cultivating a healthy relationship with it which entails first seeing it and then working with it constructively.

Be gentle with yourself, but be tenacious.