Knowledge is Elusive

December 17th, 2014

abstractAs I read through Vedic Scripture, I see every sentence as elusive, so easily slipping through the fingers of the reader.

Better to understand one line, than to memorize many. Yet understanding is not a set of concrete thoughts or perspectives…  it is a place… of unending humble reflections within… without edges, without handles, ungraspable, yet full.

Consider the following:

Never be idle in your studies.”  – Taittireeya Upanishad 1.11

What does ‘studies’ mean here?  Isn’t every moment an ardent study for the wise, regardless of what they are doing?  ‘Laughter, play, frivolity, or earnest academics… it doesn’t matter.

Isn’t no moment a study for the unwise, regardless of what they are doing?

Yet to not be idle does not mandate effort.  It is the path of joy.  Everything is profound, beautiful, and fascinating for the wise.  The greatest emotion is fascination.  Fascination is the root of all positivity in life.  It makes the world spin around.

“Willed by whom does the directed mind go towards its object?” – Kena Upanishad

The only possibilities here are dharma, karma, or some combination of the two.
Action established in Being or action determined by karma.

Indeed, Dharma, in its truest sense is freedom.  Yet some think of Dharma as bondage.

The ‘whom’ that directs the mind is the Self, if Dharmic.
The ‘whom’ that directs the mind is the Lord of Karma, if not Dharmic.
Dharma is the freedom of living ones true nature. Karma is that which shrouds ones nature. The confused often blur the two.
The number of such knots people tie themselves in is without limit.

Here is another example.  If asked the question to what degree you are free, the wise person knows that question cannot be answered and thereby is free.  Upon hearing the response of the wise, the unwise may choose not to answer the question and thereby considers himself free.

The beauty of knowledge ultimately lies in its elusive nature.

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Mundaka Upanishad

December 12th, 2014

“Not through discourse, not through the intellect, not even through study of the scriptures can the Self be realized. The Self reveals Himself to the one who longs for the Self. Those who long for the Self with all their heart are chosen by the Self as his own… Those who know the Self become the Self. Freed from the fetters of separateness, they attain to immortality.”

Like all aspects of the Veda, this quote from Mundaka Upanishad cannot really be understood until after the Self is realized. The crux here lies in the phrase, “longs for the Self”. What does that really mean? Often, longing may be thought of as an emotional state. But ‘longing’ here means much more.

Everything manifests from Oneness and everything gravitates back to Oneness. As the iron filing gets closer to the magnet, the pull gets stronger and stronger… as one gets closer and closer, the ‘longing’ is ‘with all of their heart’. Such longing is all consuming. It is not just emotional… it is physiological on all levels of ones being… it comes not from the emotional heart, but from the heart (the depth) of ones being. This is the experience of gravity in the broadest sense of the word ‘gravity’. It is Longing. It is not fully understood, not clearly understood, until after the Self is truly known. Along the path gravity pulls you…. there you find discourse, intellectual understanding, scriptures, etc. The closer you get, the stronger the pull, the clearer the vision, the more ardent the quest. Yet water remains water until it crystallizes into ice. Similarly, the Veda is not understood until the Self is realized. And then the word ‘understood’ takes on new meaning as well.

Echoes of Truth, perceived as Truth, hold Truth at bay. Echoes of Truth, perceived as echoes, assist one along the path back to Oneness… neti, neti, neti… not that, not that, not that. Humility comes with wisdom. To know everything is to know nothing.

Like water tumbling down a mountain stream, the gravitational pull is experienced in many ways with varying degrees of choppy chaos, swirling distraction, pooling stagnation, and utter confusion… with varying degrees of clarity of purpose, commitment, and understanding. At some point, the pull becomes so great that you will settle for nothing less than Truth. Everything else you have learned is then questioned. The veils of all indoctrinations, dogmas, misinterpretations, temptations, and identities are reexamined, discerned, and pierced… experienced as hollow and unsatisfying.

As if from afar, it calls you. Truth, in its purest form, is the only true focus of longing… the only nectar to quench that seemingly eternal thirst… the only healing balm… the balm of Pure Knowledge.


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December 8: Time Correction

December 4th, 2014

Regarding the previous blog about December 8, the time is actually 4:30 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Asheville, NC time.

On that day, morning meditation at Mount Soma will begin at 4:30 a.m. and will be two rounds. All who practice Surya Ram Meditation are welcome to attend.

Note: Several have asked to attend the ceremony in the temple. Panditji made it clear that this would not work. It is like an arrow, the tip should be at one point. Multiple points blunt the tip. However, what is important is to be part of the arrowhead. All are welcome to join in by meditating while the group is meditating, wherever you are in the world.



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Thanks Giving

November 27th, 2014

Giving ThanksGiving thanks is not so much in the words or the actions as it is in the feeling.

Yet it is in the traditions that we give ourselves the invitation, the opportunity, to rest in those sublime feelings that culture a life well lived.

This is, in the larger sense, called cultural integrity.  Traditions culture the heart and soul of the members of that culture.

Traditions are no more arbitrary than is our daily bread…

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Auspicious Time December 8

November 26th, 2014

flowerThere is a rare jyotish combination on December 8 from 3-4:30 am.  It is said in the Vedas that if all the following are present, it is extremely auspicious.  If a Rudrabhishekam is performed at that time, it will on a subtle level clear karmic obstacles and problems that don’t seem to clear otherwise. Problems in life that have no identifiable cause will simply melt away.  It is very difficult to find remedies to address karma all the way to this subtle level.

These are the factors:

1) The Vedic month is Margashira Maas, which is a Vishnu month.  Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita that this month is the top for evolution. There are full Vishnu qualities this month.

2) Moon is in Ardra Nakshatra (area around a star in Gemini) on December 8.  It is a Shiva Nakshatra.  On December 8 from 3-4:30 am  (a daily time period called Brahma Muhurtha), you can see this red fiery star in the northeast.  It is very unusual to ever be able to see that star.

3) It is a Monday… the day of Shiva.

It would be very good if you would meditate during this early morning time… 3-4:30 a.m. EST on December 8.  The benefits should be wonderful.  The Age of Enlightenment is blossoming!

To share something personal, I was planning to ask Pandit Prasad if he would perform with me a Rudrabhishekam before he left to India on December 8 (he and Lakshmi will be visiting family).  I did not know why.  It was just a strong and recurring feeling.  Then out of the blue, Lakshmi sent an email to me with a request to attend the Rudrabhishekam.

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An Old German Saying

November 22nd, 2014

“When there’s fire in the heart, there’s smoke in the head.”

abstractThe fewer impurities in the fuel, the ‘cleaner’ the fire burns and the less smoke rises from the flame. As you evolve, you purify and the heart fire burns cleaner so you think more maturely… i.e. less smoke in the head.

You do well to reflect upon how you think and behave when something triggers a fire in your heart. You do well to manage that wisely as you continue to evolve. At first, the management may require effort, keeping the fire in check with patience, humility, reflection, and self-honest exploration. As you work with it, and as you evolve, the process gets better and also easier. Working with this responsibly is called the path to wisdom. With wisdom comes success.

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All Cards Face Up on the Table

November 19th, 2014

homeI have come to realize that when people hear me say, “All cards face up on the table” they think something is coming that they may not want to hear. That is not what I mean. “All cards face up on the table” means communion… that is to say, communication. It can be done in words or in an understanding, humble glance.

Life is all about communication…
Communication with your Self
Communication with Life…
with Nature…
with all Existence…
Communication with others.

All conflict arises from lack of communion… lack of communication.
We are all Divine.
Not seeing, hearing, feeling that in yourself,
and in others,
is the source of all disharmony.

To have “All cards face up on the table” means to communicate…
first with Self, then with others.

It is called the Art of Living.
It is the final frontier to unraveling the mystery of life… of existence.
It is found through wisdom.
Wisdom is found in humility.
Humility is not subservient… it is understanding.
Standing under… not standing over.

As it is said, when the mango tree is full of fruit, its branches naturally bow down and touch the earth in humility.

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The Structure of the Veda Commentary

November 14th, 2014

Below is a comment from Rayshan on The Structure of the Veda blog and my response:

An amazing class and amazing grace brought forth by an amazing guru!

I saw the framework of my cottage went up today. Suddenly I realized that the structure of the Veda is like the framework of a house. Understanding the framework makes it easier to connect the dots. It’s a very dry and difficult topic to teach. Amazingly Maharshiji came back the 2nd day with easier-to-understand modern language that put me in awe. Thank you so much Guruji. I am so looking forward to the next class!

WJ9A9799_HDRYes Rayshan,

There was a lesson within the lesson. Though the feedback was wonderful, personally I was not so delighted with the first day of class. My barometer is the faces and ‘brainwaves’ of the people I speak to.  ‘Light bulbs’ were not going off in people’s heads the way I had planned. I could see that most of what I said the first day was not going ‘in’. So that evening I reflected, pondered, spoke with people who were in the class, and adjusted accordingly. The second day was wonderful and I was very pleased.

That is an example of the principle of putting something out, seeing what comes back, and adjusting accordingly… a principle that is valuable at all levels and in all arenas of life. Too often people try to know exactly what is right before they do anything. As a result, they either do nothing or keep pushing down the same nonproductive path.

Now that I found the way ‘in’ to explaining the structure of the Veda, I look forward to taking the next step with a series of lessons on the subject. There is no end to all that unfolds from this knowledge. Understanding, grasping and awakening to the concepts, the parts in terms of the whole, is of more value than the memorization of volumes. To really know it, you must become it. I look forward to revealing the grandeur and full potential of Vedic Knowledge to all of humanity. The potential is without limit… beyond imagination.

Rayshan, your comment about building your cottage is quite right.  The structure of the Veda is the structure underlying and permeating all life and existence.  The principles involved apply to all fields of life… apply to everything.  All too often (like the study of quantum physics!) the study of Veda becomes a dry intellectual endeavor that seems to be disconnected from life.  I could see that was where people were going with it the first day, which is why I revamped the teaching on the second day.

Understand the Veda, and you understand everything.  A true Vedic Scholar is not merely an intellectual.  A true Vedic Scholar is the embodiment of Truth. Memorizing Sanskrit, Vedic chants and mantras is of great value.  I am humbled by, and have profound respect and appreciation for, those who have that knowledge. However, though it assists in attaining the ultimate goal, it is not the goal.  The ultimate goal is to actually become ‘IT’.

The intent of my teachings, of how and what I teach, is to assist you in actually becoming it.

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The Structure of the Veda

November 12th, 2014

sunriseThis past weekend in the Asheville class, we spent two days on the structure of the Veda.  It is a topic we have been looking forward to covering for years.  It finally felt like the time was right. We have the ashram people and Mount Soma residents to thank for creating that space… in the profound Sthapatya Vedic sense of the word “space”.  Of course, there is no end to the topic of the Structure of the Veda and we will do much more with it, but it was an excellent overview (big picture) where we went into how the primary branches fit together and the essence of what they are – explaining the Mantras, Brahmanas, Shruti, Vedangas, Itihasas, etc.  It provided a solid foundation of understanding that we will continue to build upon.

I do want to say one more thing about Smritis for those who were in attendance:

The reason there is a gap at all is because one’s perspective (world view colored by your samskaras, distortions, conditioning) is not consistent with the perspective from the Transcendent, your Divine Self.

So, when you first awaken to the Transcendent, those two perspectives don’t line up.  There is a gap between them.  But then in time, the distortions (samskaras) of your earlier world-view melt away and give way to understanding from the perspective of your True Self, the Transcendent.

As that happens, over time, the gap also melts away.  You no longer have some memory of the Divine.  Instead you are fully awake to it and live your life in accord with it… Sarvadharma.

As full and rich as the weekend was, there is of course so much more that I want to share on the Structure of the Veda.  It will happen in time.  The weekend was historic.  It is my great joy to bring this Knowledge out in a manner that brings it to life in our time.  As I say, the Knowledge is eternal, but the way it is communicated must change eternally to be understood by the people of the times.  Otherwise, the Knowledge slips through the fingers of the generations and is, in that way, lost.

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Fundamental Principle # 3: Structure

November 5th, 2014

The Veda, the source of all existence, is born out of one, and only one, thing. It lies beyond relativity, beyond the realm of things, and it therefore is sometimes referred to as “no-thingness.” Some call it “pure Is-ness” or “pure Consciousness.” Others call it “the Unified Field” of physics. Others call it “God.” All things, including the Veda, are born out of the self-interacting dynamic of that Oneness… Pure Consciousness interacting with and becoming aware of itself, over and over again. It has been compared to the emptiness in the center of the seed (no-thingness) that births the seed (the Veda), that births the entire tree (existence). All Knowledge of the tree of existence is contained within that Oneness, that Is-ness, that Unified Field.

The self-interacting dynamic of pure Consciousness, the Veda, acts as a recording, eternally pulsating at the depth of existence. In ancient times, Rishis, or Seers, refined their physiology to the extent that they became a “record player.” Those Rishis were capable of allowing those pulsations to well up through their physiology all the way to the physical level. The process began from deep within the Rishi and went out through their vocal cords into the air as sound. Then that sound entered from outside the listener and went into the depth of their being.

Schools were created to train pandits, people to memorize what was being chanted by those Rishis. The pandits then functioned like tape recorders, saving the cognitions of the Rishis for people to hear throughout the ages. When pandits chant the Veda, the vibrations reawaken deeper levels within the listener. Therefore, when pujas and havans are performed with strict adherence to Vedic tradition, they become a powerful tool to facilitate the health and evolution of the listener.

Imagine the entire universe is a sandbox and the Unified Field (God) is continually sending a vibration through it. As a result, the evolution of species is propelled forward in a direction that, over time, more and more fully embodies the intelligence, order, harmony, and coherence inherent in the Unified Field itself. And where does that process culminate? It culminates with a species that fully embodies all of the intelligence inherent in the Unified Field. That species is humankind.

Ultimately, a new state of humanity will be achieved, bringing about changes exceeding those we’ve seen over the past several hundred years. It is essential to understand that this change is a new mode of human function. As we awaken to an intelligence within us that dwells beyond the grasp of any belief system, it will free us from the constraints of belief systems. It is the next major step in human evolution.

The fundamental pulse of our universe, from unity to multiplicity and back, is embodied by the human spirit. Our species can bring completion to that cycle. We dwell on the crest of the wave—the unification of all diversity within the awareness of an individual. Your greatest treasure is the potential to unify your awareness… Only then can you live in harmony with Natural Law.


Fundamental Principle # 1: Discernment

Fundamental Principle # 2: The Unified Field

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