The Rose and Its Thorns

September 18th, 2014

I was asked the following question:
“How it is possible to enjoy a beautiful sunrise when there is suffering in the world?”

To which I respond:

When the rose blossom gets larger, so too the thorns naturally get larger. The world will always need two poles to spin around. Up creates down. Left creates right.  With fame comes infamy. When there is affinity, there is aversion. This is the way of relativity… relative existence. It is said that in this age (Kali Yuga) negativity dwells in the hearts of people. In other Ages, it dwells far away in the dark forests.

I remember over twenty years ago when I taught in another school. The students loved me.  This elicited jealously and resentment in other teachers. Fearing I would take away their students when I left, other teachers spread vicious rumors about me.

Yes, such things hurt when dwelled upon. But do not fret. Yin will always create yang. There is real beauty in the way of the world. Find the beauty.

Enjoy the sunrise.


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knowledge vs. Knowledge

September 15th, 2014

If you think this quote from Mundaka Upanishad undermines Vedic knowledge in any way, then you do not understand the quote.  It is speaking of the sublime and subtle relationship between the Pure Absolute and the finest finest level of existence.  It is a beautiful commentary on the structure of existence.  This topic seems to keep coming up which is why this is posted here.  To those that seem to lose sight of the importance or even the possibility of their awakening to the Absolute, I would say read this quote.  To those who would not understand or appreciate the profound value of reason, Vedic literature, and the Vedic rituals, I would say that you too do not understand this quote.

My life is one of dedication to knowledge… both aspects of knowledge.  We are all in great debt to the Pandits and scholars who preserve and share Vedic knowledge.  You must of course, keep your ‘eye on the ball’ as you pursue the Self… the ‘higher Knowledge’ that is spoken of in the quote… enlightenment.  When held and understood properly, you understand the exquisite relationship between the two.  Each honors and reveres the other.

B%WDirectly experience the Self through PROPER meditation. Learn and practice the
Surya Meditation and Surya Ram Meditation…From Mundaka Upanishad:

This Self cannot be obtained by studying the scriptures,
nor through the use of reason,
nor from the words of others
-no matter what they say.

By the grace of the Self is the Self known,
The Self reveals Itself.

‘Those who know Brahman,’ Angiras replied,
‘say that there are two kinds of knowledge,
- the higher and the lower.

The lower is that of the four Vedas
- Rig, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva,
and of the accompanying sciences:
pronunciation, ritual, grammar,
etymology, metre, and astrology.
But higher is that through which the Eternal
is directly experienced.

But verily, these rituals are unsafe boats
They cannot reach the farthest shore.
The Vedic sciences are but the lower
The ignorant,
who take them as the higher,
sink once more into old age and death.

Though they think themselves wise and learned
they are fools lost in ignorance,
a prey to suffering,
wandering without direction,
like the blind led by the blind.

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Who Are You?

September 11th, 2014

who are you?You exist on many levels.  On the most superficial level, you are your physical body.  Some would say the physical body has attributes like consciousness, thoughts, emotions, feelings, etc.

On a bit deeper level, you are a personality that is beyond the body.  The body is just a vehicle.

Some would define themselves by their work.
Some by their family and relationships.
Some by their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

Now you may understand all of this, but that is not enough.  Take a moment to reflect and to be honest with yourself.  Who are you?  How do you define yourself?  Do not answer based upon a philosophy that you hold true to.  Do not answer based upon what you think you should believe or intellectually know.  Answer based upon what you feel.  Answer based upon how you live your life.  Answer based upon what you feel and experience from within your own life, not based upon what you have been told.  On what level of life do you put most of your energy?  What level are you invested in?  To find the answer, do not just think, but FEEL.  Also, look at how you live your life. The term for that is IDENTITY.  What level of life are you most identified with?

Now, there are many more levels to you than the ones mentioned so far. Your being exists beyond your thoughts and emotions.  Take a moment to feel into that.  Who are you?  What are you that lies beyond thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and the “story” of your life? What part of you lies beyond all of that?

It is quite normal and healthy for your attention to move from one level to the next.  Sometimes your attention is mostly on your body.  Sometimes your thoughts, sometimes emotions, sometimes the activity you are engaged in. At each moment, your ‘self’ is related to on a different level.  That is fine.

But there is a particular level that you identify with as ‘you’ most of the time and put most of your life force into.  What level is that?  Do ponder this, but do not think you have to have an exact answer.

The value of the question is in the pondering of it, not in the answering of it.

Now, there is a level beyond all the levels we have discussed so far.  It is the Transcendental basis of all the other levels of not only you as an individual, but of all life and all things.  Just as the earth is the basis and the essence of all the plants, the one Transcendent is the basis, the essence, of everything.  It is who you really are.  The eternal you.  The you that lies beyond space, time, thoughts, emotions, the story.  It is the source of infinite bliss, harmony, intelligence, love, wisdom, and yet it lies beyond all of those things.  It is pure Is-ness. It is one with all that is. You sense it inside yourself, though you may speak of it differently.

In the state of enlightenment, that is what you know your self to be. That is what you rest into, like the idle of an automobile. The engine is always running. It is always there. But the awareness naturally rests into that.

It is who you know yourself to be. You can still act with passion on all levels of life.  But you are no longer identified with anything.  You are in the world, but not of it.  This is not an attitude or philosophy or belief. It is a state of consciousness.  You simply see the world as it truly is. The deepest mystery of life is simply self evident, obvious.  You spontaneously and naturally live your life accordingly.

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Brahma Sutras

September 7th, 2014
Swami Paripoornananda Saraswathi

Swamiji’s followers, Maharshi, Swamiji in orange, Pandit Prasad, Lakshmi (Panditji’s wife)

The Brahma Sutras are a portion of the Vedas that addresses Vedanta. Sri Adi Shankara in his commentary on the Brahma Sutras set forth the non-dualistic( Advaita) interpretation of Vedānta. It is said that knowledge is structured in consciousness. In other words, the knowledge a person has of any subject is a function not only of the information they have, but even more so it is a function of their level of consciousness. Certainly this is true when addressing a topic as sublime and profound as Vedanta and the Brahma Sutras. Even as it is stated in the Veda, Knowledge does not dwell in books, it dwells in the consciousness of enlightened individuals.

Furthermore, translations, interpretations of the texts themselves, interpretations of the commentaries, and the changes of subtle meaning of words and expression over time result in the study of Vedanta and Brahma Sutras texts and commentaries being an incredibly elusive field of knowledge.

Swami Paripoornananda Saraswathi, a renowned saint, scholar and visionary, recently visited Mount Soma. It was wonderful to spend time with him. Everyone at Mount Soma greatly enjoyed the talk he gave to the group. He and I became great friends, even in the little time we had together. I would love to some day offer a conference with him to discuss, not just academically, but experientially the Brahma Sutras and Vedanta. He and I did have the opportunity to privately have a brief discussion on the topic. It was fascinating. He is a great reservoir of knowledge. He has invited me to join him to tour and give lectures in India. I very much look forward to that magnificent opportunity. It is a great joy to have him as a dear friend.

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Fundamental Principles

September 4th, 2014

flowerPoint Two of the Fundamental Principles is explained very well in this blog with the corresponding videos. Please click to view:

I plan to get all the main points online.

Please understand that these points are not something to just understand intellectually and move on. They must be found within you. That takes time. Then the connection between them must be found within you. Know that the main points are valuable, but merely catalysts. Your greatest tool is PROPER meditation. Please learn the meditation I teach FOR FREE. Overcome any and all resistances to doing that. Those resistances are your karma. Overcome your karma. I am pouring my heart out to you in hope that you will move forward with your evolution.

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Saturn Moon and Mars

August 30th, 2014

Sunday evening just after sunset you might be able to see Moon next to Mars with Saturn just slightly below them.  Mercury will be a little further down near the western horizon and might be faintly visible as well.  If skies are clear, I will be watching.

Then, on Sept 4, Mars moves out of Libra where it has been with Saturn for some time.  Saturn and Mars together have been a trouble maker for conflicts, etc.  It is good that Mars is moving along and into its own sign leaving Saturn alone in its sign of exaltation.

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The Virtual World and the Two Forms of Memory

August 30th, 2014

mirrorAs a result of the sum/total of all of your experiences in life, impressions are left upon the aspect of your awareness called ‘chittam’, the storehouse of impressions. These impressions are what memory is made of. Wipe the chittam clean, and there is no memory, at least not in the common sense of the word ‘memory’. Those impressions condition the mind… program the mind.  They are karmic in nature. They are a major aspect of your karma.  Many schools of spiritual growth and of education merely program your mind to function as they feel you should function. That sort of education is indoctrination. It is not True Education.

However, there is another form of memory.  Everything is contained in seed form within the Absolute… i.e. within the Transcendent.  That is what everything is in its essence. Therefore, anything can be found within the Absolute. When you are living in what I call a transgradiently integrated state, i.e. in enlightenment, then you are living in harmony with Mother Nature… living in harmony with your own true nature… living in harmony with God… living in harmony with your own Divinity… living in harmony with all that is. Then you live what is called your Divine Play, your Lila. In other words, you live your true nature. You ‘remember’ things by re-membering with those things within the Absolute. All knowledge of everything is within the Absolute, but in the state of Enlightenment you only access what is in harmony with the Cosmic Flow of your life.  You have no memory in the conventional sense of the word… i.e. no Chittam.  You are free. You are not enslaved by programming, conditioning, limitation, etc.  That is what is called ‘emancipation’.  It is what the Soul longs for – True Liberation from the chains of programmed thoughts and emotions.

Now, there are some subtle points here that need to be understood:

Firstly, the pathways through which both kinds of memory emerge are the same, even though the source of those memories are very different. Since the pathways are the same, to the onlooker both types of memory appear to be the same. Both can forget things, both can know or not know things, both must go through the process of learning – for example, learning a foreign language, or how to play the piano, etc. However, in the first type of memory, it is about what is stored in the chittam.  In the second kind of memory, it is about what is in harmony with Natural Law.  Please understand that living in harmony with nature does not usually look like what many think it should look like. It is not like the Hollywood or Bollywood depictions of Jesus, Saints, and Sages. It is a very natural state that can look quite ordinary to the undiscerning observer. Though the Absolute is a field of all possibilities, it is not in harmony with nature to be a superman.  (Often, in this age of humanity, supernatural powers are the result of left handed tantra which is not in harmony with nature and creates a great deal of bad karma… but that is another subject. Generally speaking, the performance of showy miracles at this time is not in harmony with nature… not in harmony with the times.)

Secondly, you may think it is a contradiction that ‘things’ can be contained in the Absolute, which is a field of No-thing-ness, i.e. Pure Consciousness… before any ‘thing’ exists.  This is how that works:  Have you ever looked at the screen on the back of a camera?  The image of what is being photographed appears within the camera.  That is called a virtual image.  Say you are photographing a tree. The tree appears in the camera but really there is no tree in the camera. Like that, everything exists in the Absolute, but in a virtual sense. Now some would argue, “what is really virtual, the Absolute or the Relative?” I respond by saying that all you need to do is understand the mechanic, then you may feel free to assign the word ‘virtual’ to whichever you would like.

Along those lines, a dear student once said that they did not want to spend time meditating or living in the ashram at Mount Soma because they wanted to stay in the real world.  I, with loving humor, responded by saying, “Do you really consider that pinball machine you are living in to be the real world?” She looked back at me and smiled.  In that moment, at least for a moment, she had a deeper understanding of the word ‘maya’… illusion… virtual.

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The Soul

August 27th, 2014

sunQ:  Could you please discuss the relationship between the soul and consciousness?

A:  Pure Consciousness is the source of everything.  It is the Unified Field of modern physics.  The one thing out of which all things emerge and ARE in their essence.  It is transcendental… meaning it transcends relativity.  It is beyond relativity.  It cannot be touched, felt, seen, heard, etc.  It is like the Central Sun of all that is.

You do not touch the sun.  You experience the sun through the rays that emerge from it.  Similarly, you do not feel the Absolute Essence of your Being, i.e. the transcendent… pure consciousness.  However, you do feel that which radiates from it through all levels of your being.  Those rays you experience are the Soul.  You feel your essence through your Soul… the rays of your essence radiating through all levels of your being.

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Mother Teresa

August 24th, 2014

These days, it is far too often assumed that this individual or that is enlightened.
Actually, that level of life is far rarer than so assumed.
Mother Teresa was one of those very rare and precious individuals.  


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Moon Jupiter Venus

August 22nd, 2014

These three planets will all be close together in the eastern night sky before sunrise tomorrow morning.  Venus will be the bright ‘star’ and Jupiter will be just above it. It will be a pretty sight.

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