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Fundamental Principle #5: Personification Of

March 30th, 2015

There is one God. Each Deity is the personification of a different aspect of God, as if God puts on a different attire to present another quality of His/Her divine nature. The Gods are the laws of nature, the mechanisms of existence. You are one with all that is, with the source of all existence, with God.  Each aspect, each personification, of God is within you.

Generally, your relationship with the Gods starts with viewing God as if outside of yourself. You revere God as distant… as something beyond you. However, your relationship with God culminates in becoming one with God… in finding the Gods within you.  This, of course, is not done through the superficial personality level, but instead within the depth of your being. The different Gods then are different aspects of your psyche and of your physiology. Cultivate your relationship with God with the intent of moving in that direction instead of holding God at a distance.

There will be a time when you actually have a choice of taking that final step of mergence with God, or keeping the very slightest separation so that you can revere God as other.  However, that is another subject entirely and one that is not possible to really understand until that time comes.

For now, lean in the direction of finding God within you.  But know it is a process.  It evolves and grows over time, just as it takes time for the seed to become the tree. Patiently sit before each aspect of divinity and explore your relationship with that God or Goddess.  In time you will merge.  You will find that divinity in you as you… as some aspect of your being, your psyche, your physiology.

This is indeed a subtle process.  For example, finding Karthikeya within you will not mean your personality transforms into what you may think a Commander and Chief of the Army of the Gods would be like.  How He emerges through you will be unique to you.  For example, some will remain soft-spoken and appear meek.  Others may be commanding in their demeanor.  To find Karthikeya within you will transform you in profound yet subtle ways.

Such discovery is attained primarily through meditation, yet proper reflection and discernment will facilitate the process… very much so.

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What’s the Meaning of Surya Ram?

March 28th, 2015

I was asked the following question:

Is Ram a person’s name? If it is, is there any meaning by that name? Why do you use Surya Ram as the name of this meditation? Thank you!

To which I respond:

Beautiful question! All existence emerged from oneness… pure consciousness. Consciousness aware of itself as ‘other’ births duality. Consciousness continues to interact with itself birthing multiplicity. The structure is very precise… One to two to three on to infinity. The self interaction creates movement and vibration… a symphony of sound. Each sound carries a particular quality… a particular aspect of Oneness, of wholeness… of what is called the Veda… of what is called ‘Being’.

The sound ‘Ram’ is the quality of the resplendence and integration of the entire structure of Veda. It permeates everything in creation with the fullness of life found at the source of existence, your existence. Ram awakens all things to their essence… to oneness… to wholeness.

The sound ‘Surya’ means central Sun. Just as the sun is the source of our solar system, Surya emphasizes the central value as it emerges and holds together all of life and existence.

The difference between Ram and Surya is best studied by learning more of each of their natures. Everything in existence has a personified aspect. That is why it is natural to give your boat, car, golf putter, rifle, etc. a name. As your relationship with anything deepens, it takes on a personified quality. So Ram and Surya do have personified aspects which highlight the subtle distinctions between the two. At the same time, Ram and Surya are one and the same… they are both Oneness… pure consciousness.

However, meditation is a mechanic… a technology. It is the sound itself that resonates with the essential nature of the body, mind, and soul. So for the purpose of the mechanic, it is important that it is related to as simply a meaningless sound.

We use the name Surya Ram meditation to emphasize that this meditation awakens you to You… to YOUR true essential nature… to the central Sun of your own unique Being. It imposes nothing. It simply awakens.

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March 25th, 2015

A beloved member of the Mount Soma community recently passed away. At such emotional, delicate and tender times, one naturally wonders why.  How could such a thing have happened?  What are we to do with our grief?  Why would a person with so much to live for be taken away?  What is the nature of life and death?

To honestly speak of such a thing, I can only come from a place deep within myself. To do so is not so simple in such a sensitive time.  I hope my words are understood and well received.

To ask why someone passes when they do, it is best to remember Lord Krishna’s words from the Bhagavad Gita, “The course of action is unfathomable”.  It is not even so simple as to claim it is karmic.  The are times when one can be ‘called’ upon to do some work on some other level that gives them the opportunity to move more rapidly forward with their evolution. We are not to second-guess such things or even pretend to know the answer.  We can only remain humble with respect to the possibilities.  From our side, of course, life is always precious.  It is natural and appropriate to protect all life.  We do our best to support the lives of one and other always.  However, to understand the mechanics of incarnations, I feel offers great comfort in such times.  To view the matter from a worldly perspective is natural and appropriate, but humility regarding the cosmic scheme of such things is wise and does, I believe, also offer comfort to the grieving who are willing to be with that understanding.

For myself, the loss of a dear friend or loved one is an inward time.  It is a time when I feel their soul deeply.  It is a time when I desire to be with them in my silence.  It is a time when I feel I have some sense of how they are doing and can offer my love and assistance during their time of transition.

Traditionally, it is a time when the grieving come together to mourn.  I do understand that, but it is not my way.  For me, it is a time properly spent in relative silence with the deceased, not with the living.  I understand this may even offend some, but for me it is not proper to attend a funeral.  Or perhaps better said, a funeral is a quiet inward and alone time.  That is just how I am, and I feel it is important for the deceased that I do so.

It is important to understand also that only the physical body dies.  The soul lives on.  There is much anecdotal evidence of this, but for me that understanding came another way.  As I child, I remembered.  But I did not understand how I could remember.  But it was a memory.  Only in later life when I first heard of reincarnation did I then understand how I could be remembering.  So for me, the notion of reincarnation is self evident and unquestionable.

Many wonder what happens after death.  I can best say that the possibilities are endless and depend largely upon the ‘angle of entry’.  It is said that when one is meditating regularly, they naturally go to the transcendental level, to the highest heaven.  I have no doubt that is true.  Of course, there can certainly be a brief time of confusion.  However, that would be sorted out rather quickly and quite naturally.

I know there are many questions about reincarnation, life after death, and so on. However, I feel now is the time for me to be with our beloved friend.  So if you have questions, please feel free to post them, but also please understand if I, for now, choose not to respond to some or all.  This is a delicate and heartfelt time.  Please forgive anything that may seem improper or unclear.  At this time, I can only speak of such things from deep within myself, from a level that is difficult to express in writing.  I trust these words will offer some comfort and understanding.


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March 21st, 2015

heartI was asked the following question:

Why are some people lucky and some not?  What is luck? As I contemplate my life, both past and present, I realize I’m a very “lucky” person. I have been so fortunate.  Good fortune just seems to drop in my lap.  Some people I know haven’t been so fortunate. Why am I so lucky?

To which I respond:

Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as luck.  Life has two components: Karma and Dharma.

Karma is quite simply action.  The laws of karma (action) are simply the laws of cause and effect.  The effect is not always immediate.  It can take even more than one lifetime for the fruits of your action to affect you.  The effect can be there for an entire lifetime or a period of time or in a moment.  What we think of as good luck is more accurately viewed as the result of some action in the past for which the effect is happening.

Dharma means life in harmony with nature.  As you evolve, you live more and more in harmony with nature and thereby receive the support of nature.  As with karma, that is often called luck.

It is not so easy to know what is karma and what is dharma or lack of dharma in your life.  This is particularly true because of the time lag between cause and effect. You can be a very dharmic person but experiencing the unpleasant effect of a much earlier karma.  Or you may be a person living a non-dharmic life but being carried by a wave of fruitful karma from long ago.  This is one reason why the puzzle of life is not so easy to unravel.

So if you are lucky this lifetime, do not squander it.  As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines.  Meditate, look deeper, live a good life, and evolve.

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Remembering One’s Self

March 18th, 2015

snowI was asked to comment on the following (We will refer to the person being quoted as ‘George’ to protect his confidentiality):

In order really to observe oneself one must first of all remember oneself” (He again emphasized these words.) “Try to remember yourselves when you observe yourselves and later on tell me the results. Only those results will have any value that are accompanied by self-remembering. Otherwise you yourselves do not exist in your observations. In which case what are all your observations worth?”

These words of George’s made me think a great deal. It seemed to me at once that they were the key to what he had said before about consciousness. But I decided to draw no conclusions whatever, but to try to remember myself while observing myself.

The very first attempts showed me how difficult it was. Attempts at self­-remembering failed to give any results except to show me that in actual fact we never remember ourselves.

“What else do you want?” said George. “This is a very important realization. People who know this” (he emphasized these words) “already know a great deal. The whole trouble is that nobody knows it. If you ask a man whether he can remember himself, he will of course answer that he can. If you tell him that he cannot remember himself, he will either be angry with you, or he will think you an utter fool. The whole of life is based on this, the whole of human existence, the whole of human blindness. If a man really knows that he cannot remember himself, he is already near to the understanding of his being.”

All that George said, all that I myself thought, and especially all that my attempts at self-remembering had shown me, very soon convinced me that I was faced with an entirely new problem which science and philosophy had not, so far, come across.

This is from George can you give a honest opinion for this text. After that i tell why i send you this. I do not follow his teaching and not attend to but i ask for a reason.

`If a man really knows he can remember himself he already knows he is near to the understanding of his being`.

Please comment on this.


To which I respond:

A difficulty with such quotes is that the essential point is not addressed.  It is the understanding of that essential point that is critical and makes all the difference.  In the very first sentence, George refers to “remember oneself.”  How he means that is entirely unclear.  But, in the second sentence, he says, “try to remember yourselves.”  That is a big problem.  It is not a matter of trying, any more than a brown-eyed person can try to have blue eyes. Remembering one’s Self is a state of consciousness that is not cultivated through trying.  In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Remembering one’s Self is the result of a natural, effortless evolution, like the blossoming of a bud into a rose.  The strongest catalyst is proper meditation.  Unfortunately, most meditations are not proper.  That is to say they are not natural.  That is to say they involve some trying.

Also in the first sentence, he uses the phrase “observe oneself.”  Again, just as in remembering oneself, what he means by observe one’s self is critical, but not addressed.  To observe one’s self really means to awaken to the Self, i.e., the Transcendental Self.  The Transcendental Self then naturally observes the small self.  I blog and lecture on this a great deal. It is a very commonly, in fact even generally, misunderstood knowledge.  I mean no disrespect, but was asked to comment honestly and have now done so.

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Concepts vs. Truth

March 13th, 2015

abstractModern physics has become so complex that the formulas can be tweaked to make the universe look like anything you want.  Adjust a parameter here or there and you can make the universe look like the shape of anything… an elephant, a gorilla, just take your pick.  So every time a new observation from the Hubble telescope is made, every formula can be tweaked to still work.

It is understandable then, that a physicist may be inclined to look at attempts to relate Vedic Knowledge to modern physics and claim that, “one can always define such things in a way to defend these concepts.  For example, one can equate the Unified Field with Pure Consciousness, etc.”  Having a background in physics and math, I can respect that, particularly when said by someone who takes only a quick glance at Vedic Knowledge.

However, after the superstition and confusion (that often does admittedly come up) around Vedic Knowledge is discarded, i.e. after the Knowledge is purified as per Adi Shankara, then what?  Then you have a knowledge that seamlessly interfaces with all aspects of life and existence.  It perfectly addresses and integrates all science, art, philosophy, psychology, etc. as a unified whole.

So then let’s ask the question, “What is Truth?”  Isn’t “Truth” something that correctly accommodates everything without refutation?  Once all aspects of life and existence are examined in rigorous and rational detail and still come together in a unified whole without contradiction, have you not found “Truth”?  Isn’t that so by definition?

A quick glance at Vedic Knowledge through the eyes of modern science may prompt one to reject it as just a convenient set of redefinition of terms.  However, if one looks more and more deeply with a discerning eye, the time arrives when it all comes together. That is when you find Truth within yourself.  This is something far more elusive than is afforded by a quick glance, particularly when one identifies with their current model or belief system about life.  Even ones identification with, and devotion to, their current understanding of Vedic Knowledge is enough to prevent them from looking deeper!

In this ’30-second sound bite” world, few are willing to take the time to look that much deeper.  What they may consider to be looking deeper is simply the re-justification, and increased indoctrination into, their current world view… i.e. their conditioning, indoctrination, identity, etc.  To move past your limitations is no easy task.  It is the true final frontier for every individual.

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The Enlightened City

March 11th, 2015

I believe it was 33 years ago, 1982 as best I can recall.  I was living in the ashram when someone told me that in the Vedic literature the instructions exist– how to building an enlightened city.  Every detail was covered.  For a reason unknown to me at the time, this information struck me very deeply.  I marveled over the idea.  I wondered why, if this knowledge exists, there is no such city on the face of the earth.

I started my school in 1994.  Students who were with me then now tell me they recall me talking about the Enlightened City idea that very first year.  I do not recall doing so.  Then years later, I decided to build an Enlightened City.  Based upon the parameters I could remember, I found a piece of property that conformed.  I called it Mount Soma…  a mountain of Soma.  Soma means Divine Nectar.  Though I asked many pandits if they could help me, none of them seemed to know anything about Enlightened Cities.  As time passed, I decided to put a Shiva Linga in the very center of the city.  I imagined we would just build an inexpensive garage sort of structure to house it in.  One thing led to the next and it turned out that we built a complete Shiva Temple with all the details called out by the Vedic architects (Sthapatis).

It was at that time that I met Sthapati Santhana Krishnan (SK).  He was from the organization with V. Gananpati Sthapati, a world-renowned Vedic architect.  SK designed our Shiva temple for us.  Remarkably, around that time, I consulted with a Bhrigu Nadi in India.  He had no idea who I was.  Yet he told me I would be building such a city.  I was amazed.  How could he possibly know that?!

Now here is something perhaps even more remarkable: SK (the very Vedic architect we used to build the Shiva Temple!!) and Ganapati Sthapati have, and are translating, the original texts from Mamuni Mayan and his devotee Manasara.  It is those texts that contain the knowledge of how to build an Enlightened City!  Furthermore, those texts say that the Enlightened City we want to build must have a Shiva Temple right in the center.  I was floored!  What if we put a Durga or Ganesh temple there!?

After that, it seemed every pandit I spoke with knew about Enlightened City design. It was as if the knowledge was being withheld from me until I found knowledge of it within my own self.

Mount Soma


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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

March 7th, 2015

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (from Maho Upanishad) means “the whole world is one family”.  If all nations, if all people, could simply work together in harmony, we would have heaven on earth.

The healthy family unit is essential to life.  The world family must not be a dysfunctional family.  But a healthy world family will not be attained by continually trying to mold world affairs to conform to a set of rules.  That is like painting the leaves of a tree green in an attempt to make the tree healthy.  The root must be tended to.

If we properly tend to the root of life, all of life will be healthy.  Bringing that forth for the family of all humanity is the goal and purpose of Mount Soma.  It is attainable.  In fact, what is amazing is not that that is a possibility.  What is amazing is that humanity does not live in accord with that simple principle.

The surface of life offers an unlimited array of polarizing perspectives and simplistic viewpoints.  Tending to life solely on that level will never work.

Water the root to enjoy the fruit of life.  This does not result in a homogenous worldview shared by all cultures.  Quite the contrary.  It nourishes the diversity of cultures in the midst of mutual respect and harmony between them.  After all, the whole world is one family.


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The Pendulum Effect, Vibrations, Gemstones, and the Universe

March 3rd, 2015

gemsThe underlying essence of existence is Oneness. That Oneness is called the Unified Field of Physics, Pure Consciousness, God, etc. As that Consciousness views itself, it sees itself as ‘other’ and ‘the pendulum swings’ in that direction. Duality, then multiplicity, is born.

It continues to see patterns in that self-interacting dynamic, causing the pendulum to swing this way and that, setting up numerous vibrations in the resulting structure.

That structure continues on at the basis of all existence. The vibrations permeate all existence in a symphony of Oneness… infinite harmony, intelligence, wholeness, etc. Some matter is tuned to one vibration while other matter is tuned to another.  That determines the course of evolution of species, each along its own path.

As species evolve further, they move in the direction of a species that more and more fully embodies the totality of knowledge, vibrations, wholeness, that is inherent in the Oneness that birthed the Universe. Those vibrations direct the evolution of species and also the growth of crystals, i.e. gemstones.

By wearing a particular gemstone, the particular vibration it is tuned to permeates your being. So, if a particular vibration is needed by you, that vibration can be provided by wearing that gemstone. The science and technology of this knowledge is called jyotish.  It is a subtle art.  The science is valid.

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Fundamental Principle # 4: Mapping

February 27th, 2015

Everything maps onto everything else. This is a fundamental principle of nature. You are the unified field. The shoes you wear are also the unified field. That is just physics. If you are the unified field and your shoes are the unified field, it follows you are your shoes. Anything and everything you can think of is the unified field. So, it follows that a pencil is a bottle of water, is a shoe, is a grain of sand, is a galaxy, is a nation. This is just physics. It is called mapping.

The principle of mapping permeates everything. In reflexology, the foot maps onto the rest of the body: the big toe is the head, the heel is the pelvis, etc. Some say the cleanliness and neatness of your home maps onto the state of your mind. In a graph, a value of x maps onto a value of y. Mappings are everywhere and become profoundly complex.

The human psyche innately knows such principles exist, even though modern scientific thought has only comprehended the most superficial and simplistic mappings. Superstitions emerge when people reach for such mappings but do not have the clarity of mind and soul necessary to fathom such mappings. Imagine a life when these mappings are spontaneously understood and honored.

It is widely accepted, even among scientists, that there is a unified field underlying all of nature. This unified field births the quantum mechanical realm, referred to in ancient India as “the Veda.” It provides a structure that bubbles up through all levels of existence, permeating, upholding and ruling even the most superficial – the physical level of existence. Likewise, principles contained within the structure of the Veda emerge on the surface of life. Incredibly, even the structure of fundamental operators (gods) within the Veda, emerge on the surface of life. In other words, their forms are not arbitrary. They are woven into the very fabric underlying all of existence and show themselves on all levels of existence, even on the very surface.

Utilizing the principle of mapping and reflexology, any part of the body can be healed by treating its corresponding location on the foot. Relating this to the topic of Vedic ceremony, the physical murthis (images of the gods) correlate with, map onto, the operators (gods) contained within the unified field. The materials (flowers, camphor, etc.) used in the ceremonies map onto different principles or values contained within the Veda. Nothing is arbitrary. It is all quite scientific. It is a technology based upon mapping, every bit as precise and well-defined as the technologies of modern science.

I invite you to take the time to apply your powers of discernment to the subtle matter of mapping and Vedic ceremony, with at least the same level of humility with which you would study math or science. When fully understood with all superstition cast aside, spirituality and science seamlessly merge.

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