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On Prayer and Freedom

June 29th, 2015

The surface of life is predominantly run by cause and effect… it is the world of karma… predetermination.
The depth of your being is the source of your free will to influence and guide your life on the surface.
The degree to which you live from the depth is the degree to which you are free.
It is like the electron… a probability cloud with the freedom of all possibilities at the depth… a finite, locally confined point after it surfaces.

The depth lies deeper than thoughts… deeper than emotions.  It is the transcendental level of your being.

Prayer is communion with the depth.
‘Communion with the One thing that is the source of all things.
‘Communion with your Universal Self… with the One Universal Self… the One thing that is the source of all things… of all of us.
‘The place where you are One with God.

God’s will has two aspects, two levels… free will at the depth and the will that creates the laws of the world of cause and effect on the surface.
As you awaken to the depth, freedom permeates the surface to greater and greater degrees.
It is not enough to think you are free…
It is not even enough to feel you are free…
You must awaken to the level of your being that is truly free.

To live from that depth is to be eternally awake to it.
You are then in the world of karma, but not lost to the world of karma.
You have entered into the world of cause and effect, honoring its laws, while being guided by that which is beyond the grasp of those laws.
You are free.
Your life then is a constant prayer.


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On Pride and Prejudice

June 27th, 2015

eveIt seems that racism has subsided (or at least has become increasingly politically incorrect) in America, or perhaps people’s prejudices have not so much subsided as been transformed.  Am I mistaken, or have the divides between right versus left, conservative versus liberal, the wealthy versus the poor, etc. taken on new highs in intensity?  It almost seems that there is a certain degree of pride and prejudice within people that simply must be directed at something.  Could that really be?

Let’s take a step back and look at the nature of our species. Certainly we are social/cultural creatures.  We tend to flock together to create a society.  As you traverse the globe, it becomes apparent that there is a great degree of difference between cultures. Individuals in a culture (or subculture) become adapted to, comfortable with, and cultured around the specific aspects of their culture.  This, to a great degree, includes mentality, morality, ethics, and worldview, even including the inclination to rebel against the convention of that culture! There is a natural tendency to gravitate toward individuals that share your cultural and subcultural views.  That seems to be quite commonsensical and natural.  Laws are created and enforced in concert with those views, those convictions.  Often other viewpoints are considered unhealthy, or even illegal.  Of course, as times change people change, and viewpoints then, gradually change over time.  In the USA at least, those transitions seem to occur through 10 to 15 year cycles.  Just look at the 1920s compared to the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, etc.  Yet through it all, we tend to adhere to our societal group of like-minded friends with whom we are most comfortable and identified. You may wonder if this is a good or bad thing.  Should you strive to break free of your heritage?  Or should you strive to conform to it?  When does your affinity for your heritage cross that line from cultural integrity and mutual support and comfort to becoming prejudicial or worse?  Is there a healthy pride and natural preference or should we strive to overcome it and create a homogenous world?  

It seems clear that the right and wrong of it is all a matter of degree.  Birds of a feather do naturally flock together.  That is sometimes called cultural integrity.  But as I have said in the past, racism is cultural integrity gone insane.  It appears that such insanity has a physiological or organic component to it. It is not proactively overcome as easily as you may think.  It is like subterranean ether in the blood that permeates heart and mind.  It is like an overheating of the otherwise healthy blood chemistry of natural affinity.  Once overheated, it must show its head in one prejudicial form or another.  Attempting to suppress it one way only causes it to emerge in another.  As racism is suppressed, political polarization and hatred go on the rise.

I remember the man I sat next to on a flight to San Francisco.  He is a lifelong resident of Marin County.  From his proud perspective, he was clearly open-minded, liberal, and beyond any trace of racism.  Yet he was viscously intolerant of any opposing viewpoint.  From his perspective, he had things all figured out and he was righteously indignant of any other viewpoint.  Of course, in his opinion, he loved all humanity, all cultures, all races.  But did he? Did he really?  How little things have changed.  As the saying goes, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” — “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” We ride upon these tides, currents, and waves of world karma within the ocean of life… far more so than most are able to see or willing to admit.  Up creates down. Right creates left.

Is there a real solution to this?  Yes, of course there is: human evolution… the balancing of fire (Agni) and water (Soma).  The world is on fire.  The people are righteously indignant.  The shade trees have been cleared by the millions.  Heat is on the rise.  Global warming in this expanded sense is a certainty.  Warming of the oceans would merely be one symptom of the greater dynamic.  Attempts to rearrange the surface to hide what is going on in the depths will fail.  Sweeping the dirt under the rug does not clean the house.

Where do you draw the line between cultural integrity and cultural arrogance?  The answer to that is found in the depth of your being, not on the surface.  But to do so, first the fire must be cooled.  Proper meditation with the cultivation of discernment is the path.

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Father and Son

June 21st, 2015

imageIf a father knows his son is with him on the feeling level, that is what is most important to the father. If the father feels the son is pushing him away, it is very painful and the father will want to pull the son in closer, control the son, all the more. The issue between father and son is not so much on the surface of what it being done day to day… it is on the deeper feeling level. The father also wants to feel that the family is close, that the kids are close and supportive, and love one another.

If it feels to the father that the kids are drifting apart, it will be painful for the father and he will try to rearrange the surface to bring them closer together, just as the father will rearrange the surface to bring the son closer to his dad and the family, if he feels the son drifting away emotionally. If the son speaks to the father from the place of love and understanding for father and shows that, through not just words, but even more importantly, tone of voice, all will be well between them. The father will feel safe in affording the son more freedom on the surface of life.

Due to emotional issues between most every father and son, this is not so easy for the son to do. Also, when the father holds power such as money or flat out verbal aggression over the son, or when the father historically does not ‘hear’ the son, it is not so easy to do.

However, if it is done, it will be heard and is the most effective way for the son to gain autonomy. It also shows the maturation of the relationship between father and son. Many people may mature extremely well in all areas of life with the one exception of their relationship with father. Yet, it is actually easy to do if the son can maintain this simple open-hearted approach… Few sons overcome their childhood issues with the father. Few even acknowledge the issues. Yet, to do so is the mark of a great man. When accomplished, the relationship of a father and son as adults is exquisite, beautiful, deep, and fulfilling for both.

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Two Kinds of Feelings

June 15th, 2015

flowerFeelings are everything. Thoughts matter little. How you feel about those thoughts make all the difference. If you feel a thought is not true, it is rejected. Feel it is true, and it is embraced. Even seemingly irrefutable thoughts are, in fact, considered facts because we feel that way about them. For example, ‘two plus two equals four’ is embraced because it just feels so right. Without getting overly technical or philosophical about this, one considers thoughts to be true based upon how one feels about them.

The uniting of our thoughts with our feelings is called ‘reasoning.’ The art of reasoning, wisely and accurately, is called ‘discernment.’ Logic is rooted in discernment is rooted in feelings. Feelings are everything.

There are two types of feelings:
1) Feelings in harmony with Nature, with Natural Law.
2) Feelings rooted, not in the laws of Nature, but in conditioning, limitation, indoctrination, dogma, programming, distortions, or what Maharishi Patanjali called ‘samskaras.’ This is to say your issues, sometimes called ‘your stuff.’

Of course, most feelings are a mix of the two. Your world view is a result of such feelings. It is important to understand that these two types of feelings essentially feel the same. Even how you feel about the feeling you have is the result of these two types of feelings. In other words, you judge yourself, others, and all thoughts and emotions based upon some combination of these two types of feelings. For example, you may feel that your anger is a bad feeling not in harmony with Nature. You may feel that happiness is in harmony with Nature. But it is not that simple. The full range of human emotions can be either in harmony with Nature or not.

It is very difficult then, to know the true nature of what you are feeling. You usually consider how you feel about something to be ‘your truth.’ But is it? Is it really? As you evolve, ‘your truth’ becomes more and more in harmony with Nature. Yet it is viewed by others based upon their issues, their world view. You can justify anything with the intellect… and people do. Your thoughts (your intellect) rally around your feelings to justify them.

But it gets even more complicated than that. World views are floating around everywhere you look. You become indoctrinated by them. The thoughts, based upon whichever type of feeling, begin to indoctrinate and program you. As that happens, you believe them. You feel they are correct. You consider them to be ‘truth.’ You become convinced that the world view is ‘truth.’ You even feel and become passionate about a particular viewpoint. Lives are dedicated to such a viewpoint. ‘Education’ then, is considered greater indoctrination into that viewpoint.

So, discovering what is true is not so easy to do. But one thing is for sure, Truth dwells within you. By filtering out your indoctrinations, you find harmony with Nature (Truth) within yourself. After all, you are one with Nature. You are the Unified Field. You are one with God, though today, more and more people are taking issue with the word ‘God.’

Everything I teach is for one purpose… for you to find harmony with Nature within yourself. More than likely, that does not look like what your indoctrination has convinced you it looks like. But I am not here to tell you what that looks like. I am not here to tell you what to think. I am here to help you learn to think for yourself… not your indoctrinated self, but your True Self. Your Self that is one with the source of all life and existence… infinitely wise, intelligent, creative, harmonious and divine. Proper meditation and cultivation of the art of discernment compose that gateway.

Consider the understanding of what is written here to be an invitation to walk through that gateway. Yet it is up to you to do so. The Self is revealed to the Self, by the Self, and through the Self.

Below is a related post, with video, on Facebook.

We think we think our way through life, but really we feel our way through life. Your thoughts matter little. It’s how…

Posted by Michael Mamas on Thursday, June 11, 2015

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Regarding Civilizations

June 11th, 2015

I heard the following quote: “Civilizations are a thin crust on a volcano.”  

Imagine a civilization that is in harmony with all of nature, in harmony with Mother Nature.  Such a civilization would receive support from all of nature.  It would not be a thin crust on a volcano.  It would be an exquisite blossom deeply rooted in, and in harmony with, Mother Earth.  This is our viable future, if only we live in the present wisely.  The knowledge is there.  Humanity need only pay attention.


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Business 101

June 6th, 2015

penA number of business people have consulted with me over the years.  After speaking with a few of them, I decided to jot down some notes of the main points that come up often.  I sent them to two of those people who deal with multi-million dollar deals on a regular basis. Their feedback was extremely positive:  ‘I couldn’t agree more.’ – ‘Great stuff!’‘I have employed those principles in every major business negotiation I have ever been involved in.’

I have not seen these principles offered in MBA programs, which tend to stick with the cold hard numbers aspect (see The Theory of Induced Blindness blog). The numbers are the easy part.  They are not the art of business.  I am sharing these notes with you in the same raw form I shared them with those two people.

Working Notes for MBA 101: The Essential Knowledge Not Taught in MBA Programs

  • steady hand on the rudder
  • its all about people
  • read my last blog… theory of induced blindness
  • trust issues… honey, not vinegar
  • win/win is the only way to go
  • same side of fence and we all win… be a player not a pain
  • there is a rhythm to everything… don’t push it
  • don’t shoot yourself in the foot
  • business is an art… the art of people… the math must be known, but the key is the art
  • get on board (or be left behind)
  • fact:  this all applies from a Kool-Aide stand to multi-billionaire deals
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Theory of Induced Blindness 

June 4th, 2015

mushroomsI very much like Kahneman’s phrase, “Theory of Induced Blindness”.  Identity with a paradigm, simultaneously valid yet contradictory realities, transgradient flexibility, conditioning, preconceived notions… How many ways have we said it?

Really, with just a little thought, it is self-evident… isn’t it?  Education at some point is more about indoctrination than true education.  Right?  I think everyone actually knows it.  However, it is like gravity.  Everyone knew about gravity before Newton named it.  Yet there is power in the naming of it.  Once named, it is more easily focused upon, worked with, and more fully understood.

It is the same with spirituality.  Every person, every religion, understands it, feels it, with some degree of clarity… or vagueness, depending on how you look at it… the glass half full or half empty.  A belief system is identified with, thereby limiting people from seeing the bigger picture.

True learning is about expanding awareness, so all paradigms, all perspectives, all belief systems are understood… used or abandoned based upon the need of the moment…. i.e. transgradient flexibility.  It is important to understand this, yet ultimately living it is a state of physiology, a level of consciousness, as opposed to just another belief system.

How did Emanuel Lasker, the ‘grandfather of chess’, put it?  “I spent the last half of my life trying to forget what I learning in the first half.”  Of course, you do not really try to forget.  You just evolve your relationship with it.  You become less identified with it.  You see beyond it.  You understand it on a deeper level.


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New YouTube Video Series

June 2nd, 2015

We just filmed a YouTube video series that you can access with the link below.  It is created with the modern, 30-second, sound bite mentality in mind.

Of course, there are risks involved with it (as with everything).  My primary concern is that the videos are so short that they might be misunderstood and projected upon. The ‘I Get It Syndrome’ may compromise the videos.

However, I hope that they serve as inspiration for people to look deeper and listen more carefully… perhaps visit MountSoma.org, learn the Surya Ram Meditation, read some of the books we offer, visit Mount Soma, and perhaps attend classes and/or retreats.

Comments, giving a “Thumbs Up”, and Facebook/Twitter/Google+ sharing after viewing the videos would be appreciated, as that helps with our online presence. If you haven’t already, you may wish to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you’re notified of new videos (requires a Gmail account).

Be sure to view the video descriptions, as they have links to articles, blogs and other videos on that topic.

A new set of videos is in the works so start sharing!

Click HERE to Start Watching Now!

Its Gotta Make Sense!

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“The Blinding Absence of Light”

May 30th, 2015

Yesterday Barbara, Marcia, and I had a planning meeting at Barbara’s house for the Enlightened City design. After a telephone conversation with the Sthapatis in India, we decided to walk down to the temple to report the latest developments to Panditji. Walking down the path by Hanuman Park, I mentioned that we all felt light-hearted as children going for an adventurous walk on a summer day. We were not embarked upon a task, we were enjoying a pure hearted adventure… light as feathers. They both agreed. They could feel it. One of us commented that this is how life should always be.

Later that day, my daughter mentioned a book title to me, “The Blinding Absence of Light”. Though I still have little idea of what the book is about, the title inspired me with a flood of thoughts. As adults, the lightness of heart, the innocence of childhood, is all too often absent. It seems that has almost become a requirement for adulthood. In moments of retaliation, adults may attempt to reclaim that lightness in unnatural ways. The truth is, lightness is more an inner state than an outer behavior. Too many are blinded by the absence of such light-hearted simplicity in their daily life. The company you keep, where you put your attention, and your attitude in general, all have profound effects on your psyche, your health, and your happiness.

Do we even have a word for mature, adult, inner light-heartedness? It is simple but not simplistic. It is playful, yet more about an inner state than an outer behavior. It is not blinding, but eye-opening to the blessings of life. The absence of such lightness is blinding, but has overtaken the belief systems of many. The solution is simple, not complex. Favor simplicity but do not be simplistic. Favor innocence but do not be naive. Remove the blinders of a burdened worldview. Your boat can be in the choppy waters of life, but no need for those waters to be in the boat of your Being. Favor a light relationship with life over a heavy, burdensome worldview. This need not be an overt act. It is just a matter of not getting in your own way and allowing yourself to enjoy life in a simple, innocent, and feather-light manner.

Of course, ‘light’ has another meaning as well. From deep within you, unencumbered by conventional views, indoctrinations, or self-imposed manipulations of your inner wisdom… there lies what may be called your inner light, your inner knowing, your inner sight. To deny it, even in the name of what you have learned to be a better way, is to impose upon yourself the blinding absence of light. Truth lies within you. Yet truth is easily obscured when you allow life’s complexities to blind you to your own inner truth. To be free is to live in harmony with that inner knowing, that inner wisdom, those inner instincts.

Now combine these two meanings of ‘light’ and simply live your life. Remember, Truth is light. All the tools I have given you facilitate the culturing of that. It is a process. Enjoy the light!


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The Kshatriya and Memorial Day

May 24th, 2015

Your life purpose is in accord with the nature of your nervous system, your Being, the nature of your physiology, your true nature, your inherent and spontaneous nature.  It is natural for you.

There are four basic types of nervous systems.  As with each type, the Kshatriya nervous system is a profoundly honorable, noble, dignified, and laudable type.  The Kshatriya upholds harmony with nature and cultural integrity in accord with natural law.  Lord Krishna was a Kshatriya.  The purity of Vedic Knowledge is entrusted to the Kshatriya, who protects and upholds it.

In this age of humanity, as with all four types of nervous systems, the role of the Kshatriya has been misunderstood and distorted.  But the heart and soul, the spirit, of the true Kshatriya remains eternally pure.  On this Memorial Day weekend, we remember and honor the purity of those warriors who gave their lives in the spirit of the Kshatriya.

It is said that those Kshatriya, giving their life in battle, attain immediate enlightenment.  They are among those who uphold and protect dharma… righteousness, purity of heart, and the Divine within us all.


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