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The Pendulum Effect, Vibrations, Gemstones, and the Universe

March 3rd, 2015

gemsThe underlying essence of existence is Oneness. That Oneness is called the Unified Field of Physics, Pure Consciousness, God, etc.  As that Consciousness views itself, it sees itself as ‘other’ and ‘the pendulum swings’ in that direction.  Duality, then multiplicity, is born.

It continues to see patterns in that self-interacting dynamic, causing the pendulum to swing this way and that, setting up numerous vibrations in the resulting structure.

That structure continues on at the basis of all existence.  The vibrations permeate all existence in a symphony of Oneness… infinite harmony, intelligence, wholeness, etc. Some matter is tuned to one vibration while other matter is tuned to another.  That determines the course of evolution of species, each along its own path.

As species evolve further, they move in the direction of a species that more and more fully embodies the totality of knowledge, vibrations, wholeness, that is inherent in the Oneness that birthed the Universe.  Those vibrations direct the evolution of species and also the growth of crystals, i.e. gemstones.

By wearing a particular gemstone, the particular vibration it is tuned to permeates your being.  So, if a particular vibration is needed by you, that vibration can be provided by wearing that gemstone.  The science and technology of this knowledge is called jyotish.  It is a subtle art.  The science is valid.

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Fundamental Principle # 4: Mapping

February 27th, 2015

Everything maps onto everything else. This is a fundamental principle of nature. You are the unified field. The shoes you wear are also the unified field. That is just physics. If you are the unified field and your shoes are the unified field, it follows you are your shoes. Anything and everything you can think of is the unified field. So, it follows that a pencil is a bottle of water, is a shoe, is a grain of sand, is a galaxy, is a nation. This is just physics. It is called mapping.

The principle of mapping permeates everything. In reflexology, the foot maps onto the rest of the body: the big toe is the head, the heel is the pelvis, etc. Some say the cleanliness and neatness of your home maps onto the state of your mind. In a graph, a value of x maps onto a value of y. Mappings are everywhere and become profoundly complex.

The human psyche innately knows such principles exist, even though modern scientific thought has only comprehended the most superficial and simplistic mappings. Superstitions emerge when people reach for such mappings but do not have the clarity of mind and soul necessary to fathom such mappings. Imagine a life when these mappings are spontaneously understood and honored.

It is widely accepted, even among scientists, that there is a unified field underlying all of nature. This unified field births the quantum mechanical realm, referred to in ancient India as “the Veda.” It provides a structure that bubbles up through all levels of existence, permeating, upholding and ruling even the most superficial – the physical level of existence. Likewise, principles contained within the structure of the Veda emerge on the surface of life. Incredibly, even the structure of fundamental operators (gods) within the Veda, emerge on the surface of life. In other words, their forms are not arbitrary. They are woven into the very fabric underlying all of existence and show themselves on all levels of existence, even on the very surface.

Utilizing the principle of mapping and reflexology, any part of the body can be healed by treating its corresponding location on the foot. Relating this to the topic of Vedic ceremony, the physical murthis (images of the gods) correlate with, map onto, the operators (gods) contained within the unified field. The materials (flowers, camphor, etc.) used in the ceremonies map onto different principles or values contained within the Veda. Nothing is arbitrary. It is all quite scientific. It is a technology based upon mapping, every bit as precise and well-defined as the technologies of modern science.

I invite you to take the time to apply your powers of discernment to the subtle matter of mapping and Vedic ceremony, with at least the same level of humility with which you would study math or science. When fully understood with all superstition cast aside, spirituality and science seamlessly merge.

Fundamental Principle # 1: Discernment

Fundamental Principle # 2: The Unified Field

Fundamental Principle # 3: Structure

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Inalienable Rights from Man or God?

February 26th, 2015

morningThe US fathers of our country built a nation based upon rights they say are given from God. Secularists object, insisting laws are man made. The debate rages on. The conflict is the result of both sides having a fundamental lack of understanding of the nature of life and existence.

Everything is born of the unified field… the source of pure intelligence, harmony, coherence, knowledge, etc. That is simply physics. That one thing is the source of everything. In your essential nature, you are the unified field. Another name for the one thing that is the source of everything is ‘God”. You are one with God, one with everything.

As I said in a recent blog, thoughts are based in reason is based in common sense is based in wisdom is based in finest feeling, is based in the unified field.  As your awareness becomes increasingly clear, your thoughts are ever increasingly in harmony with the unified field, i.e. with God.  That is what it means to live in harmony with your own true nature.  That is also what it means to ‘hear the voice of God’.  God speaks to everyone in the form of their own inner voice.  The question is, how well can you listen?  How free are you from distortions, limitations, programming, conditioning, stress, samskaras, etc. … all words for the same one thing.  So inalienable rights are accessed through us, through individuals.  As we increasingly free ourselves of samskaras, the ‘message’ is understood more and more clearly.  So the secularists and the fathers of our country actually agree. However, they lack this fundamental understanding.

Yet we must not be simplistic about it.  The laws of nature emerge differently in different lands, different cultures, as I explained in a previous blog.  So looking for one set of laws that apply to every nation is not correct, particularly when we consider subtle nuances of the law.  For example, I understand that in England, parcels of land are considered an indivisible unit.  In cases of inheritance then, an estate cannot be cut up with a portion given to each heir.  This may not be the case in other countries.

However, in the extreme, certain rights are inalienable.  Which rights are inalienable?  You must look within, with clear vision, to get the answer, i.e. to hear ‘the voice of God’.  Truth is found not on the surface of your being, but in the depth.

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Gravitas, Pietas, Dignitas, Virtus

February 24th, 2015

Alone“Gravitas was one of the Roman virtues, along with pietas, dignitas, and virtus. It may be translated variously as weight, seriousness and dignity, also importance, and connotes a certain substance or depth of personality.”   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitas

The demise of ancient Rome came with, and many would argue, resulted from, the decay of these virtues… the decay of the earlier meaning/understanding of these virtues.  Some say modern society is following in the footsteps of that demise.

We are social creatures.  Just as the vegetation and animals of a land were born of, and evolved in, harmony with that land, the virtues of a society are  born of nature… born of the laws of nature inherent to the very soil upon which that society emerged.  The health of a culture is in direct proportion with the degree to which the people live in harmony with nature, with natural law, with our own true nature. Every bit as much as food, water, and air, harmony with nature is our life’s blood.

Cultural values may appear to be arbitrary, but they are not.  As people lose connection with the depth of their soul… the fiber of their being… their inner wisdom, cultural values appear more and more to be arbitrary.  Instead of inner wisdom, the way the wind blows determines the culture’s worldview.  Values then gradually become more arbitrary… without substance, without valid basis.  Most anything can be, and is, justified by the intellect… rational-ized.  The winds of karma are then free to determine the mindset of the people.  Law-makers and spiritual leaders are then selected based upon, not substance, but gusts of delusion. Society decays.

As the drug culture of the 1960’s swept the Western world, the integration of humanity with natural law (inner wisdom… the deeper meaning of Gravitas, Pietas, Dignitas, and Virtus) broke down.  It set society’s sail in the direction of that wave of karma that has carried Western mentally off course.

It appears we are witnessing a global reaction.  When the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it naturally, in time, will swing too far in the other.  It birthed radical extremism.  The values, twisted as they are, offer a social code.  Remarkably, in a society of degraded social code, even that extremism becomes appealing to some. People turn their back on what a great society was, because of what it was becoming.  They then set out to find a society they can identify with… one that at least has a solid direction.

We are cultural/social creatures.  Values are not found through intellectual fantasies, ivory towers, or crystalline castles.  They are found in the depth of your being… in a place that lies far deeper than the social pressures of a culture that has lost its way.

It is not my place to tell you what to think, what laws to obey.  But I will do my very best to assist you in finding that place inside that is one with nature, one with natural law… one with your true nature, one with the source of individual and cultural integrity… one with the true meaning of Veda.

Veda is not just a set of books.  Veda means nature.  In a healthy society, our true nature permeates all aspects of life.

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Where is Truth?

February 18th, 2015

Truth is found at the depth of your being, not the surface of your mind. Anything can be justified with the intellect.

As the clouds and fog clear away, the sun is more clearly seen. So too, as the emotions and mind settle down, Truth is more clearly seen.


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Common Sense, Wisdom, and Discernment

February 12th, 2015

faceThoughts matter little. How you feel about those thoughts makes all the difference.
Knowledge is accessed through feeling, not thought.
Wise thoughts are the product of refined feelings… i.e. the process of reasoning.
Reasoning is the link between thoughts and feelings that lie deeper within than thought.

The process is called discernment. Distortions from past impressions (samskaras) can interfere with the process of discernment on any level: for example, emotional bias, intellectual indoctrination, etc.

Common sense means sensing the level that is common to all that is… sensing the transcendental level and forming your thoughts based upon that sensing… that feeling.

As that sensing becomes even more refined, it transcends common sense and becomes wisdom.
Wisdom is further refined through the very finest level of feeling to find its basis in the transcendent…
the one thing that is the basis of all things…
Pure Knowledge…
the source of all knowledge…
the source of all that is.

The sequence goes from the Transcendent
to the finest feeling level
to the wisdom level
to the common sense level
to the reasoning level
to the level of concrete thoughts.

Enlightenment means integration (harmonization) of all levels of your being. The winds of life (karma) may blow the branches in all directions, yet they remain in harmony with the trunk and root of life… firmly established in the Transcendent.

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The Stars

February 9th, 2015

In the USA, the first ‘star’ you will see rising in the eastern sky these early nights is actually Jupiter.  Directly above Jupiter, you will see two bright stars. They are the twins of the constellation Gemini.  Then, off to your right (South) you will see Orion.  I believe most people know how find Orion in the eastern sky these evenings… or at least know someone who can show them Orion.  Imagine the three star of his belt pointing in the direction further to your right (South) up higher than Orion’s head and you will find a faint cloud of half a dozen stars called the Pleiades. Only six of the seven stars are visible to the naked eye and barely so. The missing seventh star is the missing sister of mythology.

Between the Pleiades and Orion you will see a bright red star, which is the eye of the bull of the constellation Taurus.  Below Orion you can see two bright stars, which are his two hunting dogs, the brighter of which is Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.  Orion , the hunter and his two dog stars are forever hunting across the sky for the Seven Sisters of the Pleaides. Betelgeuse is the star of the upper left corner of Orion.

About every evening I run my jyotish computer program to show the location of the planets at the current time in my location.  Then I look for the planets.  With a little jyotish program experience, it is easy to know what planets will be visible at what time during the night.  Over time it is easy to see all the planets.  To do so is to feel some sense of connection, some sort of alignment, with the cosmos.



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Does God Exist?

February 9th, 2015

leavesIt seems that fewer and fewer people believe in God these days. Even in India, the Land of the Veda, this is happening with many of the young people. We do well to examine why.

When I was a kid, the idea of God was very odd to me. He was presented as someone who was sitting on a cloud somewhere orchestrating our world. Answers were weak at best to so many fundamental questions like, “If there is a God, why is there suffering?” Even I, for a period of time in my youth, could not accept what I was being told. Like most youth all over the world these days, I was brought up with rational, scientific thought. I was taught to think for myself and demand that things made sense. What I was told about God simply did not make sense.

At first glance, this seems to be a terrible state of affairs. However, this cloud does have a silver lining. Over the generations, misunderstanding and superstition have crept into the understanding of God. Also, older understandings no longer address the mentality of our modern age. As I like to say, the knowledge is eternal, but the way it is taught must change eternally to interface with, to be understood and accepted by, the mentality of the times.

If God is something the younger generation is to believe in, these times demand that God must make sense from a rational scientific perspective. The silver lining here is that after older understandings of God are rejected, the nature of existence is pursued anew. Then a deep and rational knowledge of the underlying basis of existence emerges. Then, after long and careful examination, the time comes when one realizes that, when understood in this modern light, the ancient Vedic knowledge is realized to be not only correct, but profoundly correct, extensive, detailed, and scientifically consistent. The only problem was that we were not provided with the rigors of understanding that the ancient Rishis held. Of course, our modern scientific language is new, but that level of rigor and rationality was certainly there in the minds of the ancient Seers.

Adi Shankara said that the knowledge must be revived generation after generation. If not, it is lost to time. So in a sense, we can thank the modern thinkers. It is individuals among them that examined the nature of existence carefully enough to reveal the underlying truths in the language of our time. It is they that are bringing forth the spiritual regeneration of our planet and the rediscovery of the wisdom held by the ancient Rishis.

To those modern thinkers I simply say that in the final analysis Vedic science does make sense to the modern mentality. In fact, I encourage you to demand that it make sense. Do not stop until the nature of life and existence makes sense to you. Purify the knowledge. Cast out any superstition or distortion. Pursue truth. Know that it leads to an incredible place… one that satisfies the mind as well as the heart… one that at first glance may make no sense what so ever, but in time, makes perfect sense.

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The Elusive Nature of Knowledge

February 7th, 2015

benchConsider the following Vedic quote:

Richo akshare parame vyoman yasmin deva adhi vishve nisheduh,
Yastanna veda kim richa karishyatiya it tad vidus ta ime samasate.
(Rig Veda, 1.164.39)

This essentially means that the knowledge of life (Vedic Knowledge) is rooted in awareness of the Transcendental level of life. It then points out that without awareness of that level, the meaning of Vedic literature slips through ones fingers. It asks the question, “If a person is not established in the transcendental level of life, what use are the verses of the Veda to him?” In other words, knowledge of life is not found in the memorization of facts, verses, or words. It lies deeper. It is more elusive. Repetition of wise words does not mean a person is wise. Wisdom lies deep within.

Now consider the following Vedic quote:
  To the enlightened brahmin all the
  Vedas are of no more use than is a
  small well in a place flooded with
  water on every side.
  – Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 Verse 46

Combining these verses can be viewed as a perplexing problem. The unenlightened cannot comprehend the Veda so what use is it to them? The enlightened already understand the Veda so they have no need for it. They already have ‘it’ so what use is it to them?

Just as these verses say, the resolution lies not in the surface but in the depth. Comprehension lies in the depth… in the transcendental level. It points out that ultimately a knower of Veda is not one who has memorized the texts or chants or Sanskrit language. A knower of Veda is one whose awareness is established in the transcendental level of life, even if he has never even read a single word of Vedic literature.

Of course, if ones relationship with the Vedic texts is wise, they can be used as a catalyst to assist one in awakening to the transcendental level. On the other hand, if the relationship is not wise, one may consider himself to be a knower of Veda, even a Vedic scholar, simply because the verses have been memorized. Consider the Vedic texts to be elusive Secret Doctrines. But understand that they are not secret because they are hidden away. They are secret because even after one reads and memorizes them, they remain a secret to that person.

Of course, the enlightened find great joy in reading the Vedic literature. They rest in the beauty, insight and knowledge of the words. They also find them of great value in assisting others to awaken to the transcendental level of life. Do not sell yourself short. The truth of the Veda dwells within you as You! You are a divine being. Spiritual growth means awakening to that… awakening to your true nature… the Truth that is found in the depth of Vedic Knowledge… the Truth of your Divine Nature.

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Only the Wise

February 2nd, 2015

Think deeper.
Feel deeper… past emotions, indoctrinations, judgments, biases, and fears.
Move beyond your comfort zone.
Look beyond the horizon.
Reach beyond the limited.

Awaken to your true nature… your Divine Nature… bringing that forth to the world…
… expressing your Self fully… honestly… spontaneously… naturally…

It merits saying again: Good advice is everywhere… but only the wise know it when they hear it.
Fortune favors the bold, but not the foolhardy.

Aspire to wisdom.

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