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Just Be Aware

May 18th, 2015

armOver the next few days there will be a jyotish influence of conflict.

If you feel negative or angry, you may do well to take a step back and give it time.

It’s not a good time for negotiations.


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Overcoming Your Karma

May 16th, 2015

I was asked the following question (edited slightly for completeness):

You say:

  1. Most of your karma is between your ears and in your heart .
  2. One’s chart is one’s karma.

I would like to hear how to reconcile the two. How does one get beyond each, both??

To which I respond:

Your chart is a ‘map’ of that which is mostly between your ears and in your heart. You get beyond it by doing the things I offer: Surya Ram Meditation, transgradient personal process, cultivation of discernment, and living in an environment that supports these processes, which is why I created Mount Soma.

sun through window

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Hanuman Jayanthi

May 15th, 2015

HanumanWednesday, May 13, was Hanuman’s birthday. It is one of my favorite days of the year. Everyone congregated in the shade of canopies beneath the warm sun at Hanuman Park to witness the ceremony. It is the only day of the year that we do abishekam for Hanuman. The feeling is so very sweet. It reminds me of my Sundays as a child when all the relatives would get together for a big pot luck, sit, talk, and enjoy the deep feeling of family.

At Hanuman Park, the ladies chanted as Panditji and Lakshmi poured milk and water over Hanuman, with all of us taking our turns to do the same.  The fruits and flowers were offered as the exquisite feeling grew and grew.

I left feeling so full, so happy, so blessed.

Jai Hanuman!

Pictures are posted HERE

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Fundamental Principle # 6: The Reality Continuum

May 11th, 2015

“…the Reality Continuum is a much deeper theory than the simple notion of multiple realities and parallel universes. Our universe is a Reality Continuum: an infinite number of simultaneous realities coexisting in an uninterrupted spectrum permeating every point in existence.

“To understand the notion of a Reality Continuum, it is essential that we understand the concept of a continuum, sometimes referred to as a gradient.”

Excerpt from the companion article.

Previously posted Fundamental Principles:

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Happy Mothers Day

May 10th, 2015

madonnaOne need look no further than to a mother holding her child to know that this is not a man’s world at all.  This world is held by the Mother.  It is Mother Divine that holds our world together, holds our universe, holds our hearts.

Sri Vidya, Knowledge of the Mother, is known to be the highest knowledge.  The Mother is the upholder of dharma.  She holds us all in her heart.  She understands us all.  She stands-under, upholds, all of life and the entire family dynamic of humanity.  It is her love and understanding that holds us all with tenderness.

On this day, we celebrate in gratitude to our mothers.

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The Double E

May 8th, 2015

e&eThere is a very common practice that creates a lot of senseless problems for good people everywhere. It involves two E’s… Emotions and Extrapolation. Extrapolation is the continuation on a trajectory. For example, if the temperature drops 5 degrees in one hour, by extrapolation you would think that in 24 hours we would all be freezing.

Combine an emotional response with extrapolation and you build things up in your mind and emotions, creating terrible fantasy worlds for yourself that have essentially nothing to do with reality. You get terribly troubled over small insignificant things that through extrapolation inflate to become the source of huge upsetting conflicts, traumas, hurts, angers, etc. etc.

A word to the wise, you take a HUGE step forward in your relationship with yourself, with people and with all of life when you can catch yourself before you get hooked by the Double E. Watch for the Double E and you will be amazed to see how often it overtakes good people everywhere.

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Proper Meditation

April 29th, 2015

Genuine spiritual growth has been said to be as elusive as traversing the razors edge or passing through the eye of the needle. To understand this, you do not need to look any further than the technique of meditation. Thoughts are a part of proper meditation. Proper meditation is a very natural process. So sometimes when you meditate, you may feel like nothing is happening. As a result, you may be tempted to stop meditating or look for something that is more emotionally engaging or exciting. In so doing, you just let true spiritual growth slip through your fingers. I am often asked what more a person can do for their evolution. I answer by saying, “Be consistent. Do not be distracted. Keep a steady hand on the rudder!”

It takes time to, for example, lose weight or to get good at playing a musical instrument. However, true spiritual growth is the ultimate challenge. Give it the commitment and time it deserves, and you will attain the results you desire.

Learn about the Surya Ram Meditation.


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 Current Jyotish

April 28th, 2015

I am not a jyotishi, but I have been told the following:

Saturn is aspecting Rohini which is the Moon’s exaltation nakshatra, so emotional times lie ahead through the summer.

Also, the effects of the lunar eclipse which occurred in April will be felt through the summer…. difficult times.

The eclipse happened with Moon in Virgo (an Earth sign) so global calamities, earthquakes, etc. are likely.

For the six months prior to the solar eclipse, things were predicted to be difficult and the rise of ISIS, etc. did occur then.

So we are going through rocky times globally, but things will be better.


On a positive note, jyotishi Sanjay Rath said that May 2, 2015 to May 2, 2016, should be an excellent time for Mount Soma.  In fact, many good things are in the works and will likely come to fruition during that time.


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The Lattice Structure of Consciousness

April 19th, 2015

Your awareness has a structure, like the lattice structure of a crystal.  That lattice processes all the facts, information, emotions, and beliefs you have in a manner unique to that structure.  Generally, that structure changes very little as you move through life.  All your life experiences are assimilated and processed in a manner determined by that structure.  They serve to reinforce that structure as a belief system, as a world-view.

The underlying basis of existence also has a lattice structure.  It is called the structure of the Veda.  Though multidimensional, it is represented in two dimensions as a yantra.  That fundamental structure is called Buddhi… cosmic intellect.

orchidYour evolution, your growth, is not a matter of how much you feed the current structure of your awareness with new facts and understandings.  Your evolution is determined by the transformation of the structure of your awareness in the direction of the structure of Buddhi.  The Purusha value is the quality of human awareness that is one with the structure of Cosmic awareness, the structure of the Veda.  However generally, growth is incorrectly seen as reinforcement of the current structure of your awareness.  It is a sort of indoctrination and reinforcement.

Proper meditation frees the awareness to evolve.  Proper use of facts and experience will also evolve your awareness.  However, that is a very rare and largely forgotten art.  That is why I say that I do not teach facts, I use facts to help you evolve. Evolution is not so much about learning new facts…  it is about the cultivation of a whole new way of thinking, a new structure to your consciousness… a structure that is one with the structure underlying all existence.  The process is as natural as the blossoming of a rose.

Consciousness is the underlying basis of all that is.  Consciousness becomes conscious of itself as other… and duality is born.  Aware of the duality, a third thing is born.  That process cascades out to infinity as the lattice structure of the Veda emerges.

Your evolution is the process of expansion and transformation of your awareness to the Purusha value… Buddhi… Cosmic Consciousness.

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About These Blogs

April 18th, 2015

flowerIt is important to be clear on just what these blogs are and what they are not.  Blogs are great for sharing concepts and ideas.  However, some topics are just too delicate to be addressed in blogs or emails.  Some topics require face-to-face interaction.  The written word is too easily misconstrued or insufficiently communicated.  Recently, for example, I received a number of requests to address the rights of passage, which is obviously a very delicate subject.  I’ve also been asked to discuss seva/service and the issues that come up for people regarding that topic.  In general, topics that involve people’s personal issues are much better addressed in person face to face.  Otherwise, any little miscommunication can trigger the reader.  Once a person is triggered, it is difficult to move past that, particularly if the interaction is not face-to-face.

When you do read the blogs, if something is not sitting right, please give it some space.  Ask yourself if the words on the page could have another meaning… another intent… another context.  For example, a subtle point, when given too much emphasis or weight, can be distorted when the bigger picture is ignored.

Oftentimes, it is easier to tell if a person is triggered by the tone of their words, as opposed to the literal meaning of their words.  For example, the simple phrase, “I don’t understand,” can be said with a humble, reflective, and sincerely inquisitive tone, or it can be thrust out as a wall or declaration, that they flat out don’t agree.  It is all in the tone.  When the interaction is not face-to-face, the inferred tone of the words can be quite different than the original intent.  That can create problems that can feel irreconcilable, particularly if the face-to-face meeting never happens.

As the years go by, I am receiving more and more emails, blog questions, and blog requests that are really not proper blog material.  They are questions that the person would need to deal with in private sessions (usually with Barbara) or in class with me.  When I do try to address them through email, I usually find it unsatisfying for myself and, I suspect, for the person receiving the response.

In short, the blogs are no substitute for class or personal process sessions.  I am reaching out to everyone with all of my heart and soul.  At some point, you do need to take it upon yourself to take that extra step.  I trust this blog is understood and received in the spirit with which it is intended.

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