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 Current Jyotish

April 28th, 2015

I am not a jyotishi, but I have been told the following:

Saturn is aspecting Rohini which is the Moon’s exaltation nakshatra, so emotional times lie ahead through the summer.

Also, the effects of the lunar eclipse which occurred in April will be felt through the summer…. difficult times.

The eclipse happened with Moon in Virgo (an Earth sign) so global calamities, earthquakes, etc. are likely.

For the six months prior to the solar eclipse, things were predicted to be difficult and the rise of ISIS, etc. did occur then.

So we are going through rocky times globally, but things will be better.


On a positive note, jyotishi Sanjay Rath said that May 2, 2015 to May 2, 2016, should be an excellent time for Mount Soma.  In fact, many good things are in the works and will likely come to fruition during that time.


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The Lattice Structure of Consciousness

April 19th, 2015

Your awareness has a structure, like the lattice structure of a crystal.  That lattice processes all the facts, information, emotions, and beliefs you have in a manner unique to that structure.  Generally, that structure changes very little as you move through life.  All your life experiences are assimilated and processed in a manner determined by that structure.  They serve to reinforce that structure as a belief system, as a world-view.

The underlying basis of existence also has a lattice structure.  It is called the structure of the Veda.  Though multidimensional, it is represented in two dimensions as a yantra.  That fundamental structure is called Buddhi… cosmic intellect.

orchidYour evolution, your growth, is not a matter of how much you feed the current structure of your awareness with new facts and understandings.  Your evolution is determined by the transformation of the structure of your awareness in the direction of the structure of Buddhi.  The Purusha value is the quality of human awareness that is one with the structure of Cosmic awareness, the structure of the Veda.  However generally, growth is incorrectly seen as reinforcement of the current structure of your awareness.  It is a sort of indoctrination and reinforcement.

Proper meditation frees the awareness to evolve.  Proper use of facts and experience will also evolve your awareness.  However, that is a very rare and largely forgotten art.  That is why I say that I do not teach facts, I use facts to help you evolve. Evolution is not so much about learning new facts…  it is about the cultivation of a whole new way of thinking, a new structure to your consciousness… a structure that is one with the structure underlying all existence.  The process is as natural as the blossoming of a rose.

Consciousness is the underlying basis of all that is.  Consciousness becomes conscious of itself as other… and duality is born.  Aware of the duality, a third thing is born.  That process cascades out to infinity as the lattice structure of the Veda emerges.

Your evolution is the process of expansion and transformation of your awareness to the Purusha value… Buddhi… Cosmic Consciousness.

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About These Blogs

April 18th, 2015

flowerIt is important to be clear on just what these blogs are and what they are not.  Blogs are great for sharing concepts and ideas.  However, some topics are just too delicate to be addressed in blogs or emails.  Some topics require face-to-face interaction.  The written word is too easily misconstrued or insufficiently communicated.  Recently, for example, I received a number of requests to address the rights of passage, which is obviously a very delicate subject.  I’ve also been asked to discuss seva/service and the issues that come up for people regarding that topic.  In general, topics that involve people’s personal issues are much better addressed in person face to face.  Otherwise, any little miscommunication can trigger the reader.  Once a person is triggered, it is difficult to move past that, particularly if the interaction is not face-to-face.

When you do read the blogs, if something is not sitting right, please give it some space.  Ask yourself if the words on the page could have another meaning… another intent… another context.  For example, a subtle point, when given too much emphasis or weight, can be distorted when the bigger picture is ignored.

Oftentimes, it is easier to tell if a person is triggered by the tone of their words, as opposed to the literal meaning of their words.  For example, the simple phrase, “I don’t understand,” can be said with a humble, reflective, and sincerely inquisitive tone, or it can be thrust out as a wall or declaration, that they flat out don’t agree.  It is all in the tone.  When the interaction is not face-to-face, the inferred tone of the words can be quite different than the original intent.  That can create problems that can feel irreconcilable, particularly if the face-to-face meeting never happens.

As the years go by, I am receiving more and more emails, blog questions, and blog requests that are really not proper blog material.  They are questions that the person would need to deal with in private sessions (usually with Barbara) or in class with me.  When I do try to address them through email, I usually find it unsatisfying for myself and, I suspect, for the person receiving the response.

In short, the blogs are no substitute for class or personal process sessions.  I am reaching out to everyone with all of my heart and soul.  At some point, you do need to take it upon yourself to take that extra step.  I trust this blog is understood and received in the spirit with which it is intended.

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Vedic Rights of Passage

April 9th, 2015

flowersRecently, a number of people have been inquiring about how things should be handled when someone passes, particularly with respect to Mount Soma. This is something I have discussed extensively in the past with our Panditji and other Vedic authorities. From time to time in classes this has all be explained.

That information follows here:

Generally, bodies are cremated. This helps to release the soul from the earth plane, so the individual can most rapidly move forward with their evolution. The ashes are not to be taken home. They should instead be quickly placed in a large river, ideally a holy river in India. Currently, there is a movement in India to clean the Ganges, so people are no longer allowed to put the ashes in that river.

In the West, it is a common practice to construct a little shrine or garden area to honor the deceased. That practice too can hold the soul back from moving forward with their evolution as they let go of their worldly life.

Along those same lines, mourning is something that is best to be limited. There is, of course, a natural mourning period which is not to be suppressed or judged, but is also not to be prolonged. The mourning process is another way the soul is held back.

In short, after a person passes, the best thing to do is what is best for that soul. Though it is understandable, if we are not careful, we end up doing what makes us feel better which may not be the best thing for the departed.

We, at many times, have received requests for ashes of the deceased and shrines or garden areas to be placed at Mount Soma. According to the Vedic tradition, that cannot be permitted. Mount Soma is a place that moves souls forward. So, we certainly take great care in not doing anything that would hold them back.

I certainly understand and am most sympathetic with the more traditional approaches.  I understand traditions like the spiritual teacher not being around the sick, mourning, or dead is difficult for many to understand. In these most delicate and tender times, it is extremely difficult to handle all of this seamlessly. Please know, however, that we are all doing our very best. In so doing, we often find ourselves in an awkward position. Please understand that.

Please also keep in mind that in the best situations, change is difficult. In these challenging times of a life in passing, may we all do our very best to do what is best for the soul of the deceased.

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The Paradigm Shift

April 8th, 2015

Did you know that the Hubble telescope has revealed a galaxy that is older than current science says is the age of the universe? Yet, that information is commonly ignored because it does not fit the currently accepted physics paradigm.

Did you know that statistical studies show that the evolution of species occurred far more rapidly than can be accounted for by Darwin’s theory? Yet, that information is commonly ignored because it does not fit the currently accepted biology paradigm.

Did you know that statistically, studies of group meditation have proven it reduces crime rate and incidence of war? Yet, that information is commonly ignored because it does not fit the currently accepted scientific paradigm.

The Kuhn CycleThe Kuhn Cycle progresses from a paradigm that rejects the new information as absurd to a new paradigm that accepts the new information.  You can read more about it HERE.

Havans, pujas, dynamics of group meditation, and other Vedic technologies have been, and are being, scientifically shown to be effective. Gradually, the scientific community is accepting this. Soon, through a paradigm shift, science will fully embrace the information. Darwin’s theory and other theories will be more fully understood in that new light.

The new paradigm will offer technologies that promise to heal problems in our world that currently seem insurmountable. Those future technologies are, in fact, ancient Vedic technologies that are being revived at Mount Soma today. Unfortunately, in the world today, those technologies have been largely rejected or improperly employed. That is the result of the wide acceptance of the current scientific paradigm. When the current paradigm and Vedic technology are understood to harmoniously merge, a great new era will be born. The evidence is there now. However, the Kuhn Cycle does take a little time.

Rationality and spirituality will be shown to be two sides of the same coin. Each will compliment, clarify, and stabilize the other. Currently, superstition and distortion have crept in to Vedic knowledge, just as Adi Shankara predicted. At Mount Soma, the knowledge is being purified. The potential is enormous.

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Easter Message

April 5th, 2015

Fine Art FlowerWhat does it mean to be reflective?  Is it simply natural for everyone?  Is it spontaneous?  Or is it an art form?  Are there obstacles to being truly reflective?  Sometimes I think my favorite part of Easter is the movies shown on television.  Currently, I am watching Barabbas.  So many thoughts are evoked:  How little people have changed through the ages.  How rigidly people hold to the worldview they were born into.  How self-righteously they judge all else accordingly.  How certain they are of their perspective of what Jesus taught, of who He was, of who He is.  How resistant they are to taking a deeper look at his words. How they mold his words to conform to their current worldview.

Let the word of this day be ‘humility’.   If I were to tell you that you do not know everything, you would quickly agree.  But do you live your life that way?  The opposite of humility is judgment.  Replace your judgment with discernment.  Know that a major component of discernment is humility.  Look beyond your horizon. Look your worldview directly in the eyes. Take a step back from it. Question it.  Dare to see its limitations. Have the courage to not call your judgment by the name discernment.

In a word, consider that the essence of the teachings of Jesus is ‘freedom’. Freedom from what?  Freedom from a limited and confined worldview.  You have only to look beyond your current worldview.  Yet those who believe they do so adhere to their newfound notions and judge accordingly.

Freedom through humility is the message of Easter.  Yet it is not a philosophy or perspective.  It is a state of physiology… a state of being.  It cannot be taken on as a new set of clothes.  As the centuries go by, humanity rearranges the same old furniture and calls it evolution. Yet the state of the psyche, the state of the psychophysiology, remains unchanged.  Real freedom and humility is attained through true evolution.  Aspire to that.  Think big.  You have the potential to unlock the deepest teaching of Jesus.  But it is not a simplistic task.  I implore you to look beyond your current horizon.  It has the potential to reveal what has been called the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Causality vs. Correlation vs. Coincidence

April 2nd, 2015

lingaThe Sun rises and you notice that the seat of your garden bench warms up. At the same time, you notice that the driveway asphalt warms up. That is a simple example of correlation.

It would be a mistake to think that if you warmed up the garden bench, your driveway asphalt would warm up… causation. The cause of the warmed up asphalt is, of course, the Sun… not the warm garden bench.

For a more interesting example: Yesterday, Bill and I placed a Shiva Linga in the waterfall. I told Bill that should bring some good luck. Then with a smile, I told him I was going to make a phone call to see if it worked. For months, I was hoping for a particular thing to happen and I would call and see if there was any good news about it. And then, eureka, it in fact happened! The phone call brought the good news.

Now here we need to be careful. Firstly, the good event actually happened BEFORE we placed the Linga, so causality between the two is not a possibility. Secondly, of course, we do not know for sure that it was not just a coincidence; so we certainly do not KNOW that a correlation phenomena occurred. That is to say, both the Linga placement and the good event could have occurred as the result of some other causal event they had in common (similar to the Sun rising causing multiple things to warm up); or it could have just been a coincidence.

However, this sort of thing happens a lot. We do a havan and come home to good news regarding the intent of the havan. Or as happened recently, someone receives a gemstone recommended by his jyotishi and immediately the desired result occurs. At some point, you have to begin to understand the principle of correlation on a more cosmic level than the garden bench and driveway example.

Then the inevitable question arises: Would the good news have come if the Linga was not placed? Would the desired result have occurred if the gemstone was not received? Well, just ask yourself this: Would the driveway have warmed up if the garden bench did not?

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Fundamental Principle #5: Personification Of

March 30th, 2015

There is one God. Each Deity is the personification of a different aspect of God, as if God puts on a different attire to present another quality of His/Her divine nature. The Gods are the laws of nature, the mechanisms of existence. You are one with all that is, with the source of all existence, with God.  Each aspect, each personification, of God is within you.

Generally, your relationship with the Gods starts with viewing God as if outside of yourself. You revere God as distant… as something beyond you. However, your relationship with God culminates in becoming one with God… in finding the Gods within you.  This, of course, is not done through the superficial personality level, but instead within the depth of your being. The different Gods then are different aspects of your psyche and of your physiology. Cultivate your relationship with God with the intent of moving in that direction instead of holding God at a distance.

There will be a time when you actually have a choice of taking that final step of mergence with God, or keeping the very slightest separation so that you can revere God as other.  However, that is another subject entirely and one that is not possible to really understand until that time comes.

For now, lean in the direction of finding God within you.  But know it is a process.  It evolves and grows over time, just as it takes time for the seed to become the tree. Patiently sit before each aspect of divinity and explore your relationship with that God or Goddess.  In time you will merge.  You will find that divinity in you as you… as some aspect of your being, your psyche, your physiology.

This is indeed a subtle process.  For example, finding Karthikeya within you will not mean your personality transforms into what you may think a Commander and Chief of the Army of the Gods would be like.  How He emerges through you will be unique to you.  For example, some will remain soft-spoken and appear meek.  Others may be commanding in their demeanor.  To find Karthikeya within you will transform you in profound yet subtle ways.

Such discovery is attained primarily through meditation, yet proper reflection and discernment will facilitate the process… very much so.

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What’s the Meaning of Surya Ram?

March 28th, 2015

I was asked the following question:

Is Ram a person’s name? If it is, is there any meaning by that name? Why do you use Surya Ram as the name of this meditation? Thank you!

To which I respond:

Beautiful question! All existence emerged from oneness… pure consciousness. Consciousness aware of itself as ‘other’ births duality. Consciousness continues to interact with itself birthing multiplicity. The structure is very precise… One to two to three on to infinity. The self interaction creates movement and vibration… a symphony of sound. Each sound carries a particular quality… a particular aspect of Oneness, of wholeness… of what is called the Veda… of what is called ‘Being’.

The sound ‘Ram’ is the quality of the resplendence and integration of the entire structure of Veda. It permeates everything in creation with the fullness of life found at the source of existence, your existence. Ram awakens all things to their essence… to oneness… to wholeness.

The sound ‘Surya’ means central Sun. Just as the sun is the source of our solar system, Surya emphasizes the central value as it emerges and holds together all of life and existence.

The difference between Ram and Surya is best studied by learning more of each of their natures. Everything in existence has a personified aspect. That is why it is natural to give your boat, car, golf putter, rifle, etc. a name. As your relationship with anything deepens, it takes on a personified quality. So Ram and Surya do have personified aspects which highlight the subtle distinctions between the two. At the same time, Ram and Surya are one and the same… they are both Oneness… pure consciousness.

However, meditation is a mechanic… a technology. It is the sound itself that resonates with the essential nature of the body, mind, and soul. So for the purpose of the mechanic, it is important that it is related to as simply a meaningless sound.

We use the name Surya Ram meditation to emphasize that this meditation awakens you to You… to YOUR true essential nature… to the central Sun of your own unique Being. It imposes nothing. It simply awakens.

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March 25th, 2015

A beloved member of the Mount Soma community recently passed away. At such emotional, delicate and tender times, one naturally wonders why.  How could such a thing have happened?  What are we to do with our grief?  Why would a person with so much to live for be taken away?  What is the nature of life and death?

To honestly speak of such a thing, I can only come from a place deep within myself. To do so is not so simple in such a sensitive time.  I hope my words are understood and well received.

To ask why someone passes when they do, it is best to remember Lord Krishna’s words from the Bhagavad Gita, “The course of action is unfathomable”.  It is not even so simple as to claim it is karmic.  The are times when one can be ‘called’ upon to do some work on some other level that gives them the opportunity to move more rapidly forward with their evolution. We are not to second-guess such things or even pretend to know the answer.  We can only remain humble with respect to the possibilities.  From our side, of course, life is always precious.  It is natural and appropriate to protect all life.  We do our best to support the lives of one and other always.  However, to understand the mechanics of incarnations, I feel offers great comfort in such times.  To view the matter from a worldly perspective is natural and appropriate, but humility regarding the cosmic scheme of such things is wise and does, I believe, also offer comfort to the grieving who are willing to be with that understanding.

For myself, the loss of a dear friend or loved one is an inward time.  It is a time when I feel their soul deeply.  It is a time when I desire to be with them in my silence.  It is a time when I feel I have some sense of how they are doing and can offer my love and assistance during their time of transition.

Traditionally, it is a time when the grieving come together to mourn.  I do understand that, but it is not my way.  For me, it is a time properly spent in relative silence with the deceased, not with the living.  I understand this may even offend some, but for me it is not proper to attend a funeral.  Or perhaps better said, a funeral is a quiet inward and alone time.  That is just how I am, and I feel it is important for the deceased that I do so.

It is important to understand also that only the physical body dies.  The soul lives on.  There is much anecdotal evidence of this, but for me that understanding came another way.  As I child, I remembered.  But I did not understand how I could remember.  But it was a memory.  Only in later life when I first heard of reincarnation did I then understand how I could be remembering.  So for me, the notion of reincarnation is self evident and unquestionable.

Many wonder what happens after death.  I can best say that the possibilities are endless and depend largely upon the ‘angle of entry’.  It is said that when one is meditating regularly, they naturally go to the transcendental level, to the highest heaven.  I have no doubt that is true.  Of course, there can certainly be a brief time of confusion.  However, that would be sorted out rather quickly and quite naturally.

I know there are many questions about reincarnation, life after death, and so on. However, I feel now is the time for me to be with our beloved friend.  So if you have questions, please feel free to post them, but also please understand if I, for now, choose not to respond to some or all.  This is a delicate and heartfelt time.  Please forgive anything that may seem improper or unclear.  At this time, I can only speak of such things from deep within myself, from a level that is difficult to express in writing.  I trust these words will offer some comfort and understanding.


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