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For current Surya Ram students.

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Surya Ram Class Audio files may only be purchased by current Surya Ram Students.

Please contact the office at 828.531.9946 to purchase.

The material covered in Surya Ram Classes is so profound and vast that multiple listenings are needed to get full value from the course. With repeated exposure come new perspectives, insights, and deeper understanding. It is even common to hear things you missed completely.

We have reduced the cost dramatically for these audios because we feel it is so very beneficial for students to listen to the material more than once.

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Mount Soma, April 2015, California, April 2015, Mount Soma, October 2015, California, November 2015, Mount Soma, March 2016, California, April 2016, Mount Soma, May 2016, Mount Soma, July 2016, California, November 2016, Mount Soma, December 2016, Mount Soma, March 2017, California, March 2017, Mount Soma, May 2017, Mount Soma, August 2017, California, September 2017, Mount Soma, November 2017