Work-Study Program

Mount Soma Work-Study Program

Is the Mount Soma Work-Study Program right for me?
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  • Experience a new way of being
  • Live a healthy lifestyle in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains
  • Take your meditation practice and personal growth to the next level
  • Connect and participate in a community dedicated to the evolution of humanity
  • Gain wisdom and insight from someone with 35 years of experience teaching spirituality and healing
  • Expand your perspective while volunteering your time for a higher cause
  • Contribute to building a culture beyond a superficial and me-oriented worldview
    all for FREE!

Work-Study Program Benefits

  • FREE – room and board included
  • Personalized program dates
  • Beautiful mountaintop community
  • Healthy vegetarian meals
  • Twice-daily group meditation (3-4 per day during retreats)
  • Spiritual concepts/principles and practice applying them to life

Work-Study Program Requirements

  • One month minimum commitment
  • Drug & alcohol-free
  • $51 (discounted price) for Unconditioned Spirit Home Study Course – material for study and discussions led by Ashram
  • Willingness to work as a team and get the job done
  • Openness, and a desire to learn and grow
  • Application required
  • Be sure to read Prerequisites

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