by Michael Mamas

I’m struck by the amount and degree of anger people carry within them. It seems they are waiting for the opportunity to unleash it. Some do so directly toward others, some toward themselves, and some others are passive-aggressive.

You may ask, “Why so much anger?” The answer is simple. At the depth of their being, everyone is divine, infinitely wise, and intelligent. Everyone senses that within them. It is why we are so protective of our lives. However, to bring it forth and manifest it to the world is quite another matter. It requires a great level of integration and a very high level of evolution. Being unable to bring it forth results in hurt and frustration, which leads to anger… anger at yourself, anger at others, anger at the world.

This is first experienced in childhood. It is there that the basic dynamic and mechanisms in which you manifest your anger are formed. This is why an exploration of your relationship with your parents is such fertile ground.

You may then ask, “How is it that an enlightened individual can be angry?” Regardless of one’s level of evolution, to be in this world is to be in the world of karma. If one is free of karma, by entering into the world of karma, they interact with karma. This is sometimes referred to as taking on another’s karma or taking on world karma, etc. It has been said that an enlightened person in this world of karma is kicked around like a football. Needless to say, in such instances, there can be an appropriate time for anger.

The dynamic that takes place within your soul that we are referring to here is hidden from view in the form of denial, then emerging and being directed outward as oblivion.

What is the way out? The most powerful tool is meditation, which integrates the surface of your life with the depth of your being. Discernment and inner exploration till the soil that facilitates the process.

I have sometimes used an analogy from my childhood: We lived at the bottom of a hill. When it rained, my brother, friends, and I would take sticks and run up to the roadside gutters at the top of the hill. The more it rained, the stronger the flow of water down the gutters. That is like meditation washing away the obstructions to your integration (evolution). With the sticks, we would push away the mud and leaves where the water was obstructed, thereby facilitating the flow. That is likened to discernment.

Meditation and discernment together provide a powerful path for human evolution. The Guru provides the meditation, as well as the guidance, to facilitate the inner exploration and prevent that exploration from becoming a reinforcement of denial. The path of human evolution is indeed subtle and highly elusive. The Guru lights the way.

© Michael Mamas, 7/12