Mount Soma offers a variety of courses and programs to meet the needs of different interests and lifestyles. For those who are interested in evolving as quickly as possible, participating in as many programs as possible is recommended.

Meditation Retreats

Proper meditation is the foundation of spiritual growth and evolution. Both the Surya Ram Meditation and Surya Ram Mantra Meditation are offered free of charge to those who are interested in learning a natural and effortless meditation that allows the mind and physiology to release stress.

Surya Ram Meditation Retreats provide profound rest mentally and physically. Participants find these retreats to be a spiritual catalyst and source of rejuvenation. The power of Surya Ram Meditation increases exponentially when practiced in a group.

Surya Ram Classes

Surya Ram Classes touch a place inside that knows… that has always known… that has no doubt it is true. That is not faith. It is not belief. It is called Knowledge with a capital “K”.

As you meditate and attend classes, your perception of “it” becomes clearer and clearer. You understand and feel it more and more fully. You become increasingly certain of its validity. It all starts to make more and more sense to you. Everything starts coming together within you.

It is not just a concept. Everything clicks into place… not a philosophy, but as a self-evident state of Being.

Ashram Program

The Ashram Program is for those interested in developing and nurturing their spiritual path. Requiring a commitment of six months, Mount Soma provides students with an environment where they can live and thrive, while they discover their dharma and help humanity. They are a powerful work force and the human foundation of Mount Soma, a seed for bringing Vedic Knowledge out to the world.

Sutra Course

For those who have been practicing the Surya Ram Mantra Meditation regularly for a year, the next step forward is the Sutra Course. The Sutras help people go deeper in their meditation and many find that they experience stability in their lives after practicing them for a while.

Advanced Techniques Courses

The Advanced Techniques Courses provide participants with the tools to take their Surya Ram Meditation practice to the next level. These courses open the doorway to an almost unlimited number of techniques and unlock a whole new experience of the Transcendent!