Please Note: 2020 Surya Ram Classes – On Hiatus 

Dr. Mamas may be traveling to India in 2020 so we will not be scheduling Surya Ram Classes for the year.  Visit the Courses page to see a list of this year’s Courses, Retreats, and Programs. To hear about new classes and courses as they become available, subscribe to the Mount Soma email updates. 

Surya Ram Classes

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What do you long for?

  • Loving relationships?
  • Health and vitality?
  • Self-confidence?
  • Prosperity and happiness?
  • Spiritual growth?

Surya Ram Classes, taught by Michael Mamas, can help. Through Surya Ram Classes, greater happiness, more success, and better relationships unfold naturally as wisdom, insight, and satisfaction deepen. The pieces of life’s puzzle come together. All areas take on a whole new life.

Michael Mamas helps you bring all aspects of life into a harmonious whole, seamlessly integrating the rational, psychological, and spiritual aspects of day-to-day life. He provides you with the tools necessary to navigate the apparent contradictions and complexities that confront us all daily. Surya Ram Classes help you move past the limitations of identity and conditioning, freeing you to attain the best of who you are.

Offering a revolutionary new context for all human endeavors, Michael Mamas passionately reveals the eternal truths underlying life and existence. Dismantling current paradigms with what seems like basic common sense, his dynamic teachings provide an inspiring vision for each individual and humanity.

What Distinguishes Michael Mamas’ Teaching

Michael Mamas speaks from a place that brings everything together within the heart of each student. He works with individuals in a manner that touches their divinity and embraces their uniqueness, nurturing and sustaining all aspects of their being – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The source of health and wisdom dwells within you.
Live from this place.
Let it fulfill your deepest longings.
Let it permeate all aspects of your life through Surya Ram Classes!

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What distinguishes Michael Mamas from some other excellent teachers is his three-pronged approach of meditation, personal process, and Vedic Knowledge:

  • Meditation based not upon mind-control, but upon a natural awakening to the Divinity that eternally dwells within you.
  • Personal Process that does not impose anything upon you, but frees your inner perfection to permeate all aspects of your life.
  • Vedic Knowledge that liberates the inner intelligence of the mind, body, and spirit, the necessary element for true growth.

Prerequisites for New Students

Before registering for a Surya Ram Class, the following should be completed:

California and Mount Soma Classes

Michael Mamas has been teaching Surya Ram Classes in California since 1995. The depth of the Knowledge and the sunshine of California have always combined to create a wonderful experience for Surya Ram Students. Since 2010, class has been held at the Renaissance Hotel in Walnut Creek. This modern facility has proven to be the perfect spot. After class many students enjoy going out for lunch in downtown Walnut Creek, just a few minutes away.

Classes have been held at Mount Soma since 2008. Mount Soma is a destination and retreat center in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Magnificent views, fresh mountain air, and silence abound. Mount Soma is also a community with Vastu construction throughout. So, classes are held in a Vastu building that brings out the natural harmony and coherence found in nature. Students usually lodge and have meals at Mount Soma. This way, students can get full benefit from this environment that has been carefully designed to promote people’s spiritual evolution. In addition to class lecture, classes include two 40-minute meditation rounds.

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