Class Topics

Surya Ram Classes are tailored to fit the needs of each particular group of students, so each class is different. Participants receive what best assists their personal growth, healing, and spiritual evolution, both as individuals and members of a cohesive group.

From a place of true inner knowing, Michael Mamas simplifies complex and abstract concepts. His unique speaking style gives an actual experience of his words as well as an intellectual understanding. All areas of life harmonize together in a way that satisfies the intellect and soothes the soul. As changes happen within, all of life changes…

Some topics covered in past Surya Ram Classes:

  • Human Potential
  • Personification of Nature’s Principles
  • Crystalline Nature of the Universe
  • Cultural Integrity
  • Personal Process
  • How to Get Enlightened
  • Karma
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Vibration
  • Jyotish
  • Vulnerability
  • Ego, Identity, and Samskaras
  • Discernment
  • Mount Soma vision
  • Veda and Sound
  • Healthy Relationship with What Is
  • Virtual Reality
  • Karmic Bubbles
  • Mapping
  • Vedic Technology
  • How You Function
  • Group Identity
  • Inertia
  • Knowledge vs. Indoctrination
  • India, the Land of the Veda
  • It’s All About People
  • Tacking through Life
  • The Structure of the Veda