Meditation Retreats

Mount Soma Meditation Retreats

Put yourself in an environment that nurtures your whole being and your evolution. Bolster your personal meditation practice, deepen your understanding of life and your Self, and return home with a renewed sense of peace, perspective, and how to support your true nature.

Support Your Evolution

Time to Be

Take time away from the world of business and distraction. Put your personal evolution first. Immerse yourself in a spiritual setting designed to support your well-being on all levels of life.

Time to Be


Transcend to the depth of being with the powerful yet effortless Surya Ram Meditation. This ancient technique from the Himalayas allows deep-seated stresses to unwind, freeing you to rest into your true nature.
About Surya Ram Meditation.

Mount Soma

As a retreat center and Vedic community, every aspect of Mount Soma is designed to further your evolution. Experience the exponentially increased power of group meditation.
About Mount Soma.

Mount Soma
Mountain Beauty

Mountain Beauty

Mount Soma’s 448 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains are home to a lush ecosystem. Watch the sunrise over the valley, take walks in the fresh mountain air, and enjoy the starry night sky far from city lights. Experience deep stillness and peace.
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Lectures with Michael Mamas

Sit with Mount Soma’s visionary and director, and explore topics such as the path of personal evolution and the structure of existence. Experience information coming together in new ways. Feel your mind expand and your whole being becoming more alive.
About Dr. Michael Mamas.

Michael Mamas Lectures
Sri Somesvara Temple

Vedic Temple

Visit an authentic Vedic Temple designed to align the environment with the universal principles of nature. Benefit from the powerful energy and sense of peace there. Meander into a non-denominational environment that is personable, accepting, and exotic.
About Sri Somesvara Temple.

Attending Retreats

Before You Come

The Experience

Delicious Food

Healthy, Delicious Cuisine
Enjoy delicious home-cooked vegetarian meals. The wholesome international cuisine can include Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean, or American recipes.


Sleep in simple and comfortable on-site accommodations, away from the distractions of city life.


Integrative Activities
Participate in light activity such as preparing meals and doing dishes together. Alternating meditation and activity is integrative.

Vastu Buildings

Supported by Nature
Each building brings out the inherent balance of nature, thereby assisting healthy and harmonious living.

Spiritual Environment

Spiritual Setting
Immerse yourself in a spiritual environment, alongside ashram students. Enjoy the purity, vitality, and integrity permeating the environment.

East Meets West

East Meets West
Experience an approach to life that is both modern, and in harmony with the timeless principles of nature. Discover the ancient wisdom at the base of all philosophies and spirituality.

What Participants are Saying

“The meditation retreats at Mount Soma are a high priority in my yearly schedule and have been for many years now. They are always a sweet, beautiful time of deep rest and inspiration. The program is brilliantly crafted in a way that makes it very easy to immerse myself in meditation. There is a feeling of the ease of being that permeates the week and carries over into my daily life back home. Michael Mamas’ talks, connecting with the great people living at Mount Soma, immersion into meditation, all combine to nourish and inspire on a level that sustains me for an extended period of time. I’m grateful to Michael Mamas and the community for providing such a wonderful time and opportunity. I’ll be back.” – D.D.

“I appreciate being able to do the class and retreat together as the class is a perfect segue into the Surya Ram Meditation Retreat. It is always great to be able to spend more time with Michael Mamas and I have a profound respect for him and the knowledge he teaches. I look forward to seeing my friends, doing the deep meditations and focusing on my spiritual side. Mount Soma is a beautiful place and has become a second home to me.” – C.H.

“It’s like a spa for the soul!” – J.H.

“Surya Ram Meditation Retreats are food for lots of thought, and they catalyze change in me. They can be fulfilling at such a profound level, nothing can replace them.” – M.S

“The longing inside of you is your path home… the path to finding your true Self.”
– Michael Mamas