Remote Sutra Course

The Yoga Sutras, originally compiled by Maharishi Patanjali, are an advanced and highly evolutionary meditation technique. The Sutras enliven the structure contained within the Absolute (Transcendent). The practice of these Sutras enlivens that same structure within your own being. As a result, students commonly experience more stability, integration, and refinement in their lives.

The proper technique for the Yoga Sutras is subtle and often misunderstood. Michael Mamas takes great care to teach the Sutras in a way that respects the subtlety of this Knowledge. Moreover, he has selected the Sutras most effective for spiritual evolution and enlightenment for this course. To learn the Sutras in this way is a rare opportunity for discerning students to advance their meditation practice and personal growth.

Please note:

  • The prerequisite for this course is one year of Surya Ram Meditation or TM practice, and it is best to have experienced at least one week-long Surya Ram Meditation Retreat.
  • This course is usually taught at a meditation retreat. Thus, meditating regularly during the course is integral to learning the material.

Remote Sutra Course Details

  • Spring of 2020 – Dates To Be Determined

Note: The Sutras are a prerequisite for the Advanced Techniques Course, Phase 2.