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Welcome to Mount Soma!

A magnificent 448-acre Vedic community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Mount Soma is founded on the universal principles of nature, the Veda.

Mount Soma is a place designed to help people evolve, by awakening them to their innate divinity and integrating ancient spiritual wisdom with modern life.

“Contained within the Veda is the knowledge of how to construct an Enlightened City that will radiate coherence and harmony to our entire world. Mount Soma is that place, under construction. Now is the time to implement Vedic knowledge and transform humanity.”
– Michael Mamas

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Michael Mamas

Michael Mamas

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UNC TV Segment about Mount Soma

Mount Soma has been featured on UNC TV!

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Why an Enlightened Community?

…Creating an enlightened community will stand as a model for all of society. Just as the sun radiates its influence to permeate our entire globe, so the influence of this community will radiate a new way of being that will permeate humanity. It will free the individuals to rest into their own true divine nature—a place inside that lies beyond the grasp of notions and philosophies, a place inside that resolves the conflicts of the limitless contradictions and paradoxes that have confounded humanity throughout the ages. It must not be a place that indoctrinates people into an attitude or philosophy. Too many such communities have already come and gone throughout history…read more

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The Knowledge is there. We will bring it forth. We invite you to join us.