Mount Soma Vedic University

In ancient times, there was a group of people who revealed a context for life and existence that was completely consistent with what modern science is discovering. They developed the understanding of this context to a magnificent degree, leaving no stone unturned. All aspects of life were included… psychology, physics, architecture, music… everything. The core of knowledge, the essence, was there, meticulously preserved in great detail. That knowledge is referred to as Vedic knowledge. Veda is not a belief system; it is the underlying basis of nature, just as a seed is the underlying basis of a tree. Veda is nature. Vedic knowledge is knowledge of that seed. All aspects of the tree of life are contained in the seed, the one thing out of which all things emerge.

Mount Soma Vedic University will provide a foundational resource for cognizing new knowledge and technologies. As a result, it will transform existing understanding of all knowledge. It will catapult scientific technology forward and provide discoveries that will address the problems that haunt humanity.

The Vedic University will also enrich cultures as people of different cultures come together with integrity to study this vast wealth of knowledge. The best instructors will be chosen from India and around the globe to exchange ideas and disseminate knowledge. This university will act as a pipeline to India and a cultural bridge between continents that has not yet been built.

In today’s world, irrationality, unclear thinking, superstition, and limited understanding has, in many instances, undermined people’s current relationship with Vedic knowledge. Combining ancient Eastern Vedic knowledge with modern Western thought will keep Vedic knowledge lively and make it easier to relate to in this modern age.

The different departments of Mount Soma Vedic University will include:

  • Ayurveda (medicine)
  • Gandharva Veda (music and dance)
  • Jyotish (astro science)
  • Vastu/Sthapatya Veda (architecture)
  • Vedic Science (modern science)
  • Vedaganitham (mathematics)
  • Sanskrit (language)
  • Nyaya Shastra (law)
  • Artha Shastra (economics)
  • Vanijya Shastra (business)
  • Vedic Studies (recitation & Vedic theology)

The Vedic University will also include a Vedic Exploratorium with interactive displays and exhibits offering an introduction to Vedic Knowledge. Much like a museum of science and technology, visitors of Mount Soma will be able to learn by experiencing.