More Temples

Sri Somesvara is a Vedic Shiva Temple consecrated in May 2011, where the purity of Vedic Knowledge is upheld in its highest form. It has been constructed with 46 tons of hand-carved granite from India.

In order to fully accommodate Vaastu Shastra guidelines for a Vedic enlightened city, more temples will need to be constructed. Once completed, these Vedic temples will combine to create an incredibly powerful energetic matrix, radiating coherence, harmony, and health to the entire planet.

This concept is explained by Michael Mamas in his blog, “Wave Rings”:

The dropped pebble radiates wave rings on the pond.
Similarly, the cosmos, birthed from a point, radiates wave rings.
Every point, every thing, in creation radiates wave rings.
Every individual radiates wave rings.
A Vedic temple radiates powerful wave rings in harmony with the cosmos.
The temple walls, fence, etc. are constructed on the cosmic wave rings.
Thusly, the temple brings all wave rings in harmony with natureā€¦ the cosmos.

This is the technology of world peace, prosperity, and fulfillment.