Worldwide Vedic Cities

Once Mount Soma is fully developed, this prototype will be used to put one Vedic enlightened city on each continent to radiate Divine energy, and eventually heal the entire planet. Just as a radio transmitter sends its message throughout the world, a Vedic enlightened city radiates Divinity throughout the earth.

Our intent is to assist every culture to align with Natural Law, to breathe in new life and more cultural integrity, thereby healing all of humanity and our planet as a whole. This is the only way to truly heal our world. This process starts with individuals, and then expands through communities to nations, and ultimately to continents all over the world.

Just as the sun radiates its influence to permeate the entire globe, so the influence of such Vedic enlightened cities will radiate a new way of being that will permeate humanity. It will free individuals to rest into their own true divine nature. The art of creating such a global shift is profoundly subtle, yet essential to ushering in Sat Yuga, an Age of Enlightenment.