Michael Mamas World Peace Project

Vishwa Shanthi Kalyana Maha Yagna

The Vedas, or sacred scriptures, bless us with the knowledge of a powerful technology capable of bringing peace to the world. Remarkably, in Kali Yuga, the age of ignorance, this technology perpetually slips through humanity’s fingers. It is our great joy to announce that this knowledge, which includes Vishwa Shanthi Kalyana Maha Yagna, has been revived.

Implementing this knowledge is the sole endeavor of the Michael Mamas World Peace Project (MMWPP). Michael Mamas and Pandit Prasad invite you to join them by becoming part of this mission.

This project started in December 2011, when carefully selected Vedic Pandits began their journey to the twelve Jyotirlingas and the most sacred temples throughout India where they performed Rudrabhishekam, peace yagnas, etc., administering this ancient technology. Each day, they made 365 Shiva lingas from mud gathered from snake holes. They then performed Rudrabhishekam on the 365 Shiva lingas. In that process, water was collected in a kalash that was taken to the main Jyotirlinga for abhishekam.

Click HERE for information on the Jyotirlingas. Click any location on the map to learn more about it.

Download a PDF to learn the name, the place, and the mantra for each Jyotirlinga as well as the Jyotirlinga Stothram. Each of the first 12 lines of the Stothram contains the name, the place, and the mantra for that particular Jyotirlinga. The recordings of Pandit Prasad help with correct pronunciation. It is said that those who recite the Dwadasa Jyotirlinga Stothram twice daily will purify the bad karma from their last seven lifetimes.

This project also includes Vedic Pandits travelling to the eight sacred Ashtavinayaka Ganesh temples in India to perform abhishekam and yagnas.

Please go to the Sri Somesvara site to donate to this very important project.