Vedic Wellness Center

Accommodating a wide variety of guests, the Vedic Wellness Center will become a worldwide attraction with its one-of-a-kind Ayurvedic and holistic health clinic. Offering panchakarma, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, Transgradient™ healing and more, the Vedic Wellness Center will revolutionize health and healing.

Traditionally, approaches to health are based upon paradigms which, by definition, are limited in their understanding. Mount Soma’s Vedic Wellness Center will be unique for the following reasons:

  • The center, itself, will be in an environment that radiances health and coherence.
  • The clients will learn a powerful meditation that allows them to rest into their blueprint for health.
  • The health practitioners will be bringing Vedic knowledge into their work, allowing them to function beyond models and paradigms.
  • Instead of focusing on disease and dysfunction, the practitioner reawakens the client’s physiology to its inherent nature, thereby restoring long-term health.