Mount Soma Purpose

The Current State of Humanity

The Shastras refer to the current age as Kali Yuga, the age of darkness. Worldwide suffering, moral chaos, poverty, wars, economic turmoil, and overall global instability demonstrate this reality. All of these outer problems are a reflection of people’s inner turmoil and evidence that spiritual ignorance reigns in the consciousness of humanity.

Mount Soma’s Mission

Mount Soma has been established to evolve the consciousness of humanity, shift global awareness, and help bring in a period of Sat Yuga, an age of enlightenment. Every aspect of Mount Soma, from selecting the land to constructing the homes and temples, is in full accordance with the Vaastu Shastra guidelines for building an Enlightened City.

Modern Physics, Unified Field Theory, and the Ancient Rishis

Einstein theorized there is a Unified Field underlying and permeating all of life and existence. This field of oneness that birthed relativity is the underlying source of coherence, harmony, and health for all life. Currently, top Unified Field physicists report that upon studying the attributes of the Unified Field, it appears to be a field of pure Consciousness. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Rishis also spoke of pure Consciousness, referring to it as “Veda.”

Unified Field Generator

A Unified Field Generator takes the qualities of the deepest level of life, Veda, and radiates them out, permeating all of life. Infusing Consciousness into all levels of life is like watering the root of a tree. When the root of a tree is watered, the whole tree flourishes.

Enlightened City

The Vaastu Shastras describe how to create an Enlightened City. The formula involves building Vedic Temples, utilizing Vastu architecture throughout the city, refining people’s understanding of Vedic knowledge, and meticulously utilizing Vedic knowledge so that ancient spiritual wisdom is integrated with modern life.

Fully Vedic temples, like Mount Soma’s Sri Somesvara, have a refined and powerful vibration that feels pure, radiant, and whole, like nectar to the soul. An Enlightened City amplifies this vibration thousands of times.

This incredible technology can be likened to a Unified Field Generator, and has the power to change the world. In the same way that a light bulb provides light to an entire room, an Enlightened City radiates coherence, harmony, and health to the entire planet.

Orchestrating an Enlightened City

Creating a core that radiates Divine light to the planet requires an orchestration of temples, proper meditation technique, addressing individual and group dynamics, and more. Careful attention must be paid to many aspects: the laws of the land; social traditions and their interface with Vedic technology; the proper approach to dealing with conflicts, obstacles, and conditioning; and so on. Since an Enlightened City acts as an interface between the Absolute and the relative, everything must be conducted wisely and precisely.

It takes an enlightened Master to develop and orchestrate an Enlightened City. Enlightened individuals have a life’s purpose. For some, it may be to enlighten a small handful of individuals or live a simple life. For others, it is to purify Vedic Knowledge and shift the consciousness of humanity.

Dr. Michael Mamas

Michael Mamas

Dr. Michael Mamas began his Eastern studies at age 21 with his beloved Guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the embodiment of Vedic Wisdom in the eternal tradition of Vedic Masters. Soon after, he awakened to the Knowledge and spent a decade living a monastic life. He has been teaching internationally for over 35 years and in 2007, he received the title Adhyatm Vidhya Visharad (Master of the Highest Spiritual Knowledge, the deepest awakening of the Self) from Bhagavan Yagnyavalkya Ved Tatavagyan Yogashram, the Sanskrit College at the University of Gujarat. Michael Mamas is the only person from the West to ever receive this award. His Western education includes a Master of Business Administration, a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and a double major in undergraduate honors Math and Physics. This comprehensive education, along with deep spiritual Knowledge, makes him well-qualified and uniquely suited to create Mount Soma.

When the individuality melts away, one is left with universality. This is the path of devotion. Michael Mamas’ daily awareness is on the world and bringing peace and harmony to it. He is the embodiment of Divinity, the embodiment of Knowledge. It is his mission in life to bring this Divine Knowledge forth and transform global consciousness through Mount Soma. Michael Mamas says, “Dedication to your purpose is not a decision you can make. It is a life that lives through you. It is innocent, sublime, pristine, and committed.”

Mount Soma

Mount Soma is a place that is so enlivened with the Unified Field, that the people who live here just naturally awaken to that Unified Field over time. It is a place that is in harmony with natural law, in harmony with the Divine flow. As that Cosmic Flow emerges through the different levels of relativity, Mount Soma’s power is enlivened. Research has demonstrated that the power of meditation increases exponentially when practiced in a group. Similarly, Mount Soma’s temples will be synergistically sewn together, forming an energy matrix that is thousands of times more powerful than a single Vedic temple.

We are utilizing the fundamental principles that are inherent in the nature of the Divine Cosmic Flow, and creating many different channels, like fiber optics. This allows the Divine Flow to well up through and permeate all the different levels of society. Through the Vedic University, World Business Center, Vedic Wellness Center, and so on, these fiber optics reach out to the business world, the arts, the different sciences, etc.

Why America?

Built in the West, Mount Soma creates a bridge between continents. Hands must reach across the oceans to unify humanity. The process begins with an alliance between India, the land of the Veda, and the U.S., the land of modern mentality. Mount Soma will serve as a reminder to the East of what has been forgotten and show the West the full potential of Vedic technology.

Why Now?

In these difficult times, with the world on the brink of collapse, immediate action is necessary. Superficial solutions have failed. It is our duty to address the root of the problem and evolve the consciousness of humanity. Luckily, we live in an age when science has advanced enough to now embrace Vedic knowledge and promote spiritual transformation.

As time breathes, the laws of nature change. We are now leaving an era of ignorance of natural law, and entering an enlightened time. Through Mount Soma, we can bring forth the Enlightened Age. This is not arrogance; it is technology. It is a marriage of sublime science with sublime art.

Bringing in Sat Yuga, the Age of Enlightenment

Mount Soma will be used as a prototype to create at least one Enlightened City on every continent. These strategically placed cities will facilitate the transformation of global consciousness and Sat Yuga will be upon us (as Lord Krishna prophesized). Naturally, the individuals, foundations and businesses dedicated to this endeavor will receive positive global recognition, and India will be honored for preserving the sacred knowledge of the Veda.