Vedic Technology

“Just as the seed contains all knowledge of the entire tree, the Veda is the seed that holds all knowledge of the universe. Remarkably, that knowledge has slipped through the fingers of humanity.” – Michael Mamas

Modern science approached knowledge starting with the surface and attempted to fathom the depth. Vedic Knowledge started with the depth, the seed. Remarkably, that seed is found within the soul of every human being. Through the purification of their physiologies, the ancient Rishis acquired the ability to tap into that level, and bring it forth for all of humanity. This is called Vedic cognition. That Knowledge was passed down through the ages.

Incredibly, in the world today, only a small portion of that Knowledge is being utilized. With strict accordance to the science of Vedic technology, an entire Enlightened City must be constructed with the temple at its heart. Vedic temples serve as the heart of a unified field generator, just as an engine serves as the heart of an automobile. However, if the entire automobile is not constructed properly, the value of the engine is greatly diminished.

“Now is the time to implement Vedic knowledge and build a unified field generator to transform humanity. Before the light bulb, who could have imagined that one small object could illuminate an entire room?” – Michael Mamas

Our Children

Justifiably, many of us have great concern that our children have lost interest in Vedic Knowledge. We attempt to remedy this by compelling our children to memorize Vedic slokas and attend the temple. Although this is most laudable, it is far from enough.

We live in an age when things have to make sense. The children need to understand what the Veda actually is to appreciate its value. One aspect of our enlightened city will be like a spiritual theme parkland. A place where families can come for an enjoyable vacation, while learning the profound essentials of Vedic Knowledge.

Many Levels

Yet a temple and a spiritual theme parkland are still not enough to build an enlightened city. All levels and aspects of life must be addressed to provide conduits of harmony. All actions must be integrated into a unified whole. The actions of Vedic Pandits must integrate with world business leaders, permeating government, and supporting the people on a fundamental level. Every level of life must be addressed, from the most poverty stricken to the wealthiest. Business leaders, laborers, scholars, politicians, spiritual seekers, artists, engineers, doctors and all others will flourish as we create a true United Nations, a U.N. of humanity.

To have an enlightened city, there must be a Vedic University, an institution that ties all fields of knowledge to the seed, the root of life, the Veda. Without that understanding, no field of knowledge is properly understood, and no field of knowledge will realize its full potential.

Still another aspect of Mount Soma, is a school that will create World Men, individuals who uphold their own cultural integrity while harmoniously interacting and feeding the root of life for every other culture on the face of this earth.

“Contained within the Veda is the knowledge of how to construct an Enlightened City that will radiate coherence and harmony to our entire world. Mount Soma is that place, under construction.” – Michael Mamas