Michael Mamas World Men Project

MM World Men Project

The Michael Mamas World Men Project (MMWMP) began on Shreepanchami (Saraswathi’s birthday), January 27, 2012. The MMWMP takes boys at a young age and educates them in Vedic Knowledge and Western scientific thought, training them to become world leaders. They will learn to interface seamlessly with all cultures while breathing life and integrity into each.

The significance of the MMWMP cannot be overstated. The world needs people who can protect the sacred Knowledge of the Vedas, and bridge the gap between nations while maintaining their own cultural integrity. By helping to spread Vedic Knowledge, these World Men will assist in purifying spiritual understanding and elevating the consciousness of humanity.

Currently the boys are being trained in the Vedas, and soon they will begin traveling to Mount Soma for a few months per year. Donations will go to food, clothing, travel expenses, and books for the students as well as wages for the teacher. Your support is, as always, welcome and appreciated.

Please go to the Sri Somesvara site to donate to this very important project.