Becoming Invisible
by Michael Mamas

How you project your energy is unique to you. It is based upon your relationship with life that has become deeply seated in your personality, a result of the sum total of your life’s experiences. It maps directly onto the formative years of your current life. A person’s psychodynamic landscape is determined primarily during these formative years, ranging from in utero to approximately age five or six.

You would do well to become aware of what it is you do with your energy and how it relates to your childhood experiences. However, this is not done so that you can override whatever is. That simply sweeps any distortions under the rug, where they fester and create an even more deeply-seated problem. Instead, it is best done to till the soil of your own inner landscape. This frees up the psychophysiology, enabling it to self-correct and normalize in accord with your true inner divine nature.

We all perceive what others do with their energy. There is no need to develop any psychic powers to do this. And while it is the predominant determining factor in the opinions we form of others, it is often not discussed or understood.

For example, some people project their energy. This can feel imposing or pushy. Some project their energy in a domineering, forceful, or controlling manner. Others may project their energy simply out of a desire to connect and show their love and support. It can be a very useful exercise to reflect upon what the people around you do with their energy. Put into words how you would describe the unique quality of these individual characteristics.

Some people hold their energy in. They are afraid to share it, due to shame, fear of feeling hurt, fear of being hurtful, or a myriad of other reasons. Some people sidestep, as if throwing an elusive spin into every interaction, so they don’t feel exposed or susceptible to attack. The scenarios are as diverse as the number of people that walk the earth. As you work with this, over time you become more perceptive and clearer in your observations.

It becomes self-evident that the energetic dynamics of a person are put into the food they prepare. Two people following the exact same recipe put a different energy into the cuisine. On some level, everyone perceives this. It is the major reason people tend to prefer their mother’s cooking. It is an energy they are familiar with and have become accustomed to, not only since birth, but even in utero.

If you think about it, you will realize that energy is a major component in forming your opinions of other people. It is a direct result of how those people manage their energy, and yet it is not just about them. It is also very much a function of how you manage your energy and how your energetic dynamic interfaces with theirs.

All too often, we do not address these dynamics with others. It may feel too delicate, too inappropriate, or we just ignore it. It lies in that forbidden zone where we have all mutually agreed not to go. Unfortunately, this discomfort, resentment, or even hostility builds as you continue to say nothing, until finally it erupts and is expressed as non-constructive, hurtful criticism. People go through their entire life oblivious to what they do with their energy. Remarkably, all the while, no one ever enters that forbidden zone, offering supportive, loving, and often life-changing support by sharing that which is so obvious to everyone else. Though there is such a thing as being appropriately private, it would behoove humanity to bring to light many of society’s forbidden zones. This, of course, needs to be done artfully, wisely, and respectfully to be effective.

I encourage you to begin to explore what it is your friends and acquaintances do with their energy, and gradually develop the art of sharing it with others in a constructive manner. Please know that this is a process. Just like learning to play the piano, your first attempt will not be masterful, yet with practice, it can develop into a joyous and beautiful art.

I am fond of speaking of the notion I call, “becoming invisible.” You have a nature, a true nature, a nature that is inherent to the unique expression of universal perfection as it dwells within you. As you evolve, the way you manage your energy on the surface becomes more and more in harmony with your unique, divine nature. Your life is then lived in harmony with natural law. Your actions support life. They feed the planet and the evolution of all others. What this looks like on the surface defies description.

How this harmonization is perceived is largely a function of how the perceiver manages his energy. Harmony viewed through the perspective of disharmony appears to be disharmonious. Yet, from the perspective of the totality, actions of those living in accord with their divine nature create no ripples—they only feed and serve all of life. They are as if super-fluid, a frictionless flow. Those individuals are, in the highest sense of the word, invisible. There is no edge. What appears to be conflict in their life is more accurately referred to as conflict in their environment crashing against the rocks of their divine being. Attaining that level of life is not something you can impose upon yourself. It is the result of a state of consciousness, a level of enlightenment.

Exploration of the forbidden zone tills the soil that assists in freeing individuals to move in the direction of that most laudable level of life. Once attained, it is most accurate to no longer refer to those individuals as human. The field of humanity is an exquisite training ground, a final frontier that culminates in a life of invisibility—a beacon light for all humanity, life, and existence.

© Michael Mamas, 5/10