by Michael Mamas

Periods of depression are common. I have observed, over and over again, that proper meditation is the greatest cure. Depression is primarily physiological. Proper diet and exercise can also help greatly.

What about behavioral causes of depression? Depression is the result of the suppressed flow of life force. There are multiple motivations to stifle your life flow.

You may have imposed upon yourself a strict value system that is in actuality not in harmony with truth – not in harmony with your true nature and the true nature of life.

Always trying to do the right thing can be most depressing if in actuality it is not really the right thing for you. Take care to not devote your life to invalid notions. You may tell yourself it is valid, but deep inside, where it really counts, you know better.

You may be more image-conscious than you realize… acting and behaving in a manner that is not your true nature in the name of how you may appear to others. Proper manners is one thing, but to depress your true nature in the name of a facade you feel will win people over, is quite another.

Second guessing yourself is another common cause. You may be unable to make a decision, fearing it will be wrong. Whatever you do, you may wonder if you should have made another choice. You can tie yourself up in knots and end up depressed.

Judging yourself based upon an internalized standard is always depressing. Standards are external. Internalizing anything external causes depression. Use the external as an aid to explore your inner being, but not as an imposition upon it. Freedom, joy, and fulfillment come from within.

If we refute emotions as being illogical, we suppress a reality of our being. This sort of suppression causes dis-ease. Suppression of emotions is also a formula for depression.

Our health is dependent upon our ability to shift spontaneously from one reality to another. When we identify with (hold onto) a reality on a particular level, that holding affects our physiology at every level. As the result of our identification with particular realities, our lives become ever-tightening spirals. This holding permeates all levels of our physiology—physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual—so completely that we assume the holding is who we are.

The list goes on and on. However, there is one cause underlying them all – fear. To discover what depresses you, ask yourself what you are afraid of. Then ask yourself how you impose restriction upon your life as a result of that fear.

This exploration is not to be taken lightly or acted upon impulsively. It is a process. But rest assured, freeing yourself, in other words, living your true nature, is the only path there is to fulfillment.

© Michael Mamas, 2/11