by Michael Mamas

Genetically Modified anything is a huge problem. You see, the DNA maps on to the Veda in a very direct way. The Veda is the structure that underlies nature. DNA is the genetic code which parallels and evolved out of the Veda. To live in harmony with nature, the source of true health, the physiology must be in harmony with the Veda. The DNA code underlying your physiology is the gateway to the code underlying all of Nature, namely, the Veda.

The DNA of each species resonates more fully with one or another aspect of the Veda. That is why herbal medicine works. By ingesting a plant that carries a strong influence of an aspect of the Veda that your physiology may be weak in, that aspect of your physiology is strengthened. Food supports your physiology in the same way.

However, when the DNA code of your food is altered, the influence is the opposite. The physiology is, over time, broken down. Many diseases result. The infusion of GMOs into our food supply is a big mistake.

Recently, I wrote about the troubled world economy. Now, the troubled food supply. I do understand that many people become upset by what I wrote. Please look beyond just getting upset. Look to being inspired – inspired to act.

We have the knowledge to understand the big picture as it applies to everything from food to the economy to every single field of life. We have the technology to cure any and all ills. To do so is a life well lived. Some will choose to direct that knowledge in a specific area, like GMOs. Personally, I direct my efforts to the very essence of the solution: evolving the consciousness of humanity. By enlivening people’s deepest integrity and wisdom, solutions to all problems will find a pathway to success. How a person chooses to direct themselves after gaining this Knowledge is a personal matter.

Jeff Smith is a wonderful man who was in the ashram with me. We were both inspired to serve humanity. He has chosen to do so by raising awareness of GMOs. I commend him for his efforts.

© Michael Mamas, 9/12