God’s Will
by Michael Mamas

The Will of God comes in two forms: karma and Grace.

This simple principle answers many questions that have puzzled theologians throughout the ages.
The laws of physics are laws of karma. For every action, there is an equal reaction. What goes around comes around.

Why does God allow bad things to happen? Because karma lies in the domain of God’s Will. Simple… see?

Grace is the omnipresence
of God,
of Love,
of Oneness,
of the Unified Field, infinite harmony, forgiveness, freedom.

Pick the word of your liking. A rose by any name is still a rose.

Ultimately, your will and God’s Will are one.
The only question: Is your will karma or Grace?
The answer is up to you. You cultivate the life of your choosing.

Karma is action. The laws of karma are the laws of action… the laws of cause and effect. If you hit something (action), your hand hurts (reaction). The laws of karma are part of God’s will… part of His creation.

Grace is also God’s will. It transcends karma. It is free. Living from that level, you are free to act in harmony. You become like a martial artist or surfer in the sense that you can gracefully ride whatever karmic waves come your way.

Most of your karma dwells within you as your thoughts and feelings. As you align with Grace, more and more, your thoughts and feelings are in harmony – in Grace.

You then interact with karma gracefully, like a surfer surfing the waves on the ocean. Karma is still there, but you ride the waves with Grace. See?

Grace is an attribute of the Absolute. Karma is an attribute of the relative.

In the state of enlightenment, the two are integrated. Like the tree trunk with the branches, the flow of motion is harmonious, even in the greatest karmic storm.

To perceive harmony on this level requires great wisdom. All may not be as it appears at first glance.

The big picture often eludes the casual observer.

© Michael Mamas, 4/11