How to Live Your Life
by Michael Mamas

The instructions for proper meditation are the instructions for life: Just be easy. Innocently favor; do not push. Take life as it comes. Effortlessly lean in the direction. Do not hold tightly. Direction in life is not a clear fixed regimen. It is a faint idea… a feeling. Do not try to force. Do not deny or resist what is. Flow with the effortlessness of water. Gravity carries you if you allow it. Life gravitates toward God. Nature organizes best.

This is how you find the strength of Nature, the strength of the Divine, within you.
Powerful? Yes.
Forceful? No.
A strain? No.
This is the difference between commitment and confinement. The difference between one-pointed dedication and narrow vision. The difference between limitation and unboundedness.

Be willing to go with the flow of the Divine within you. At first it may seem greater than you. In time, you will realize it is you. The real You. Nature has its own rhythm and timing. Do not push it. Go with the flow.

Try as you might, you do not live life. Life lives you. There is a Cosmic Stream. You either fight it, or live in harmony with it. True dedication is not fixation. It is freedom. This is how to find it. This is how you become it. Some call it God’s Plan.

To live it is to be free. Free of what?
Free of limitation.
Free of conditioning.
Free of suffering.
Free of the confines and chains of the small self.

Discovery of the True Self. You are One with God. It is just that simple.

© Michael Mamas, 1/12