Integrating Unboundedness and Boundedness
by Michael Mamas

Unboundedness and Boundedness Integration

Truth is all around you. Only the wise person knows it when they hear it. But only the enlightened live their life from that place.

Great quotes are simply not heard by the many. The wise can feel those quotes resonate with the Divine deep within. The enlightened spontaneously live their life accordingly.

Even the wise are baffled by the behavior of an enlightened one. It is one thing to feel the touch of the paradoxical, it is quite another to live from that place.

As you evolve, you help the world evolve. As you help the world evolve, you evolve. You cannot measure the degree to which you are helping others with a superficial measuring device. If you could, you would immediately stop living for your self as you know it, and begin living for the world as you currently do not know it. You cannot move in the direction of enlightenment without abandoning your conditioned self to a proportionate degree. Your evolutionary rate cannot be measured by your current conditioning. It is measured by that which lies deeper within you. It is something you can feel, but do not awaken to until you are enlightened.

Do you want to get enlightened? Look beyond the horizon of your current thinking. Feel the place inside that resonates with wise quotes and devote yourself to that, wherever it may lead. Do not think with your conditioned mind. Look beyond the horizon.

The Absolute is infinite, unbounded, and eternal. Through meditation you rest into that level every day. “Coming back” into relativity can feel quite confining. In relativity there are laws of nature to respect. There are limitations, rules, and regulations. However, by going back and forth between meditation and activity, over time, unboundedness and boundedness become seamlessly integrated. Unboundedness flows through relativity.

The inclination may be to feel negative toward the world and other people. You do not want to have to ‘paint within the lines’ or conform to policies or regulations. These can be experienced as that which is in your way – imposing limitation upon your otherwise exquisite life.

If allowed to do so, relativity is avoided to the point that rarification takes over. You may feel like you are right, above all else, and nearly enlightened. But enlightenment means integration. I have seen people who have gone that route. It is not a pretty sight. They are clearly disconnected from the world and reality. Their head is in the clouds.

The more you meditate, the more you need to engage in activity to integrate it. That is why we structure activity into the ashram program. You cannot meditate your way to enlightenment. You need to integrate existence within you. I do understand that there is a common tendency to sit around and rarify between meditations. But to go that direction would be most unwise.

© Michael Mamas, 2/12