by Michael Mamas

Mapping by Michael Mamas

Everything maps onto everything else. This is a fundamental principle of nature. You are the Transcendent. The shoes you wear are also the Transcendent. That is just physics. If you are the Transcendent and your shoes are the Transcendent, it follows you are your shoes. Anything and everything you can think of is the Transcendent. So, it follows that a pencil is a bottle of water, is a shoe, is a grain of sand, is a galaxy, is a nation. This is just physics. It is called mapping.

Some mappings are less abstract than others. A down-to-earth example of mapping is reflexology. Your foot maps onto the rest of your body. The big toe maps onto the head and your heel maps onto your pelvis. Some say the cleanliness and neatness of your home maps onto the state of your mind. When we talk about the history of the universe, the outward and inward cycles map onto the outward and inward strokes of meditation. Universal principles weave the web of existence. They are the pathways of transgradient mapping. As you become more and more transgradiently integrated, mappings become increasingly self-evident.

There is a level of awareness where every object of perception is seen to be one with the unified field—pure consciousness. It is not a philosophy, attitude, or belief. It is a direct perception. Everything is perceived as a mapping onto the totality of all existence. Every point in creation is directly experienced as pregnant with the knowledge of all existence—whatever was, is, or will be. When you view a group of people in a room, together they map onto the totality of all existence. At the same time, each individual maps onto the totality of all existence. Any chair in the room maps onto the same, as does a strand of hair, several people sitting together in a corner, etc.

The universe is composed of an infinite number of interconnected expressions of wholeness, ranging in size from something smaller than a speck of dust, to the entire universe as a whole. This becomes self-evident when the physiology is transgradiently integrated. It is, when first experienced, overwhelming. In time, it goes on essentially unnoticed. Everything connects to everything else. Everything maps onto everything else. So, if we talk from a place where we are living profound interconnection and mapping, then anything we talk about talks about everything else. Therefore, anything you are thinking about is what we are talking about.

© Michael Mamas, 5/07