Mount Soma and Purification
by Michael Mamas

Through many years of dedication, the light of life is shining forth at Mount Soma. We are doing well.

When you clean your home, dust is naturally stirred. Similarly, the purification of heart and mind stirs the dust, which can be experienced as negative thoughts and emotions. That is why negativity is sometimes experienced through the purification process. As the Unified Field Generator of Mount Soma (vibration of the Veda) continues to manifest and grow, purification rises. It is as if we are riding a bigger and bigger bull as time goes by. This process will carry our world to an Enlightened Age.

When you first put you toe in a bathtub of warm water, it can feel too hot. However, after a time in the tub, it is soothing and warm. As you purify a deeper level of your being, there may be a period of roughness or negativity. Know the negativity that comes up is purification. At times, it may even feel extreme. Knowing it for what it is will greatly help you navigate the waters of your evolution.

Fortunately, we have now broken through the surface! It is like a spaceship piercing the atmosphere during re-entry. We are now entering a stage of great purity and positivity for the world. By keeping your attention there, it will come more quickly. The dust will continue to clear away. Any negative thoughts or feelings are a waste of time. Do not suppress them. If you do, they will stay with you longer. But it is very important that you do not dwell on them. Just brush them out of your mind as you would a piece of lint floating around your head.

Monitor your thinking. It creates your world. Choose the positive. If you have, through the years, taken on a negative viewpoint of the world, take a deeper look within. Evolve your thinking. This is not to be oblivious. It is only to put all things in the proper context. We have arrived at a time where this can be done. You only need to decide to do so. Divinity is the essence of all things. That is simply the truth of how life is. Know the dust for what it is. Do not lose yourself to dust. You are one with God.

Remember: When a great Master was asked what keeps a person from knowing God, he responded, “Negative thoughts.”

It is time to take leave of the old tattered vessel that has carried you here. We have arrived at the shore of the Age of Enlightenment.

© Michael Mamas, 12/11