Psychosis, Neurosis, and Subtle Perception
by Michael Mamas

Psychosis is a mental disorder characterized by a life of emotions, perceptions, and thoughts that are so distorted that the individual has severely impaired contact with reality. Neurosis is essentially everyone else. My dad used to say, “We’re all nuts.” Now add to the mix the notion of subtle sight, hearing, etc. and we are in a delicate arena indeed. You can justify anything with the intellect and people certainly do!

How do you know if your perceptions are perception, psychosis, or neurosis? Psychosis is usually blatant, even to the ordinary observer. However, regarding neurosis verses subtle perception, many could use a lot more humility in the matter. It boils down to having ‘a healthy relationship with’ your perceptions.

No one really perceives. We all project. We perceive onto. Wisdom includes having a healthy relationship with that fact. The more fully integrated the surface of your being is with the depth, the healthier your relationship with these matters. But then, how do you know how integrated you are?

You must learn to discern. This includes learning how to use other people as a mirror. That too is subtle. You can find people to collude with easily enough. However, do keep in mind that everyone, at the depth of their being, is infinitely wise… one with the Unified Field… one with God. Therefore, on that level, everyone can sense how healthy they and others are. Yet that knowing is masked by one’s neurosis or psychosis, in other words, one’s conditioning (samskaras).

It is a double bind, isn’t it? It seems like there is no way to know, doesn’t it? Well that’s life. Most look for a solid handle on life to cling to. However, the only Absolute there is has no handle. It is like a soft cloud you rest upon. It is the Self. It is God… the place you are one with God. From a scientific perspective, it is the Unified Field. As you evolve, you awaken to it more and more. Your physiology becomes more and more fully integrated with it. However, it does not come with a handle.

Introducing subtle perception to others must be done wisely. Otherwise, the introduction becomes an invitation to neurosis, if not psychosis. But to throw out the baby with the bathwater and reject the entire arena is unfortunate. You must learn to discern. Only then can you navigate the subtle arena of life well.

Years ago, I attended an expo where there was a room of people offering psychic readings. One glance at the group was enough to convince me I wanted nothing to do with it. If you are honest with yourself, and reflective, then you can develop insight enough to have a good sense of the person you are speaking with.

This may be disconcerting to those who want a simple cookbook approach to all of life. There are many out there who offer a cookbook approach and many others who cling to those offerings. I will not do that, because it is not the way life really is. On the other hand, the beauty of life lies in its subtlety… in its elusive nature… in knowing that the only true knowing is knowing that you know nothing.

After all, the Unified Field is beyond relativity. It is the field of no-thing-ness. How beautiful… God is beyond thingness, yet permeates all things.

© Michael Mamas, 8/12