Resolving the Darwinism/Creationism Debate
by Michael Mamas

Creationism/Darwinism by Michael Mamas

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My wife and I were in for quite a surprise when we first visited a school to determine where to educate our children. Upon our inquiry of the curriculum, the school representative proudly boasted, “We don’t teach any of that Darwin stuff here. We adhere strictly to the Bible.” I was shocked. I knew that society was split on the Darwinism/Creationism issue, but her intensity startled me.

Throughout history, numerous religions have, in their own terms, expressed the notion we are created in God’s image. That notion has been referred to as “Creationism.” Over 100 years ago, Darwin challenged that age-old concept, declaring that species evolved from single cell organisms to sponges, lizards, apes, and ultimately human beings. Naturally, this created quite a rift between scientists and theologians.

For the past century, Darwin’s theory has been the cornerstone of biological science. With the advent of computers, programs were used to create models of Darwin’s theory. A number of them suggested the evolutionary process proposed by Darwin occurred far too quickly to even be a possibility.1 In spite of those models, biologists insisted the theory was still valid. Spiritualists on the other hand, joyfully embraced this scientific undermining of Darwin’s theory, taking it as evidence his theory should be entirely discarded. As continues now societally, both sides looked for loopholes to keep their current belief system intact.

Interestingly enough, while biologists were generating those computerized models, modern physicists were refining their theories of the Unified Field. They state there is one thing acting as the underlying basis of all existence. What you are, what I am, and what everything is in its essence is all the same one thing—the Unified Field. Furthermore, this Unified Field is the source of all the power, intelligence, organization, and harmony that gave birth to, and upholds the entire universe. Now a simple question: What have we throughout history called that one thing? I think it’s obvious it has been referred to as “God.” Physicists refer to it as the Unified Field.

Now think about it for a moment. The Unified Field is continually breathing coherence, intelligence, and greater and greater levels of sophistication into all biological systems, including all living organisms. Using a sandbox to illustrate, do you know what happens when a vibration is induced into a sandbox? The box and every grain of sand within it begin to vibrate. That vibration permeates every grain of sand. If it is allowed to continue for some time, a harmonious structure or pattern begins to emerge on the surface of the sand. If the process is allowed to continue, the order, coherence, and organization of that pattern becomes more and more precise—an increasingly detailed expression of the order contained within the vibration itself. Thus, a pattern on the surface of the sand is created in the image of the vibration.

Now imagine the entire universe is a sandbox and the Unified Field (God) is continually sending a vibration through it. As a result, the evolution of species is propelled forward in a direction that, over time, more and more fully embodies the intelligence, order, harmony, and coherence inherent in the Unified Field itself. It pushes the evolutionary process forward, accelerating that process to a rate vastly exceeding the “random chance” notion put forth by Darwin. So you can see this combining of the Unified Field theory with Darwin’s theory creates an understanding of the evolution of species that actually works. Furthermore, it provides us with an understanding of Creationism that is consistent with modern science and resolves the problems posed by the computer-generated model cited above. Species evolve, but they evolve in a specific direction that leads them toward the embodiment of the coherence, structure, and intelligence inherent to the Unified Field. In another words, species evolve toward the image of the Unified Field or God.

There was an interesting phenomenon observed by biologists2: When scientists went into underwater caves where it is dark, they found many of the fish didn’t have eyes. The question from a biological perspective is: Why do the fish not have eyes? The general belief among biologists is it requires more energy to sustain an organism with unnecessary organs like eyes. Therefore, when a mutation occurred and fish had no eyes, it was a more efficient system. So the fish without eyes had a lower energy requirement and were more fit to survive. Other people made what is called a teleological argument regarding the blind fish, implying some sort of Divine overseer was intentionally calling the shots.

But here is what I want to address: We must distinguish between 1) environmental adaptation; and 2) evolution. Evolution is toward the embodiment of the coherence, structure, and intelligence inherent to the Unified Field. The blind fish adapted to a new environment, but did not more fully embody the image of the Unified Field, i.e. God. Therefore, they are not more evolved.

The true meaning of Creationism and this deeper understanding of Darwin’s theory reveal that those two concepts are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. They are the same theory viewed from different angles. There is no contradiction. In fact, one provides us with a deeper understanding of the other. As Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” Modern physics has enabled us to bring two distinct and seemingly contradictory pieces of life’s puzzle (Creationism and Darwinism) together into a unified whole. This is a remarkable discovery. It can revolutionize our understanding of the relationship between life and spirituality.

Given that species evolve in a specific direction that leads them toward the embodiment of the coherence, structure, and intelligence inherent to the Unified Field, we now have only to ask ourselves where that process culminates. And the answer is simple. It culminates with a species that fully embodies all of the intelligence inherent in the Unified Field, the image of the Unified Field, the image of God.

This notion of unification can be applied in an infinite number of different ways, revolutionizing our understanding of all fields of life. As we comprehend our world in this way, ultimately a new state of humanity will be achieved, bringing about changes exceeding those we’ve seen over the past several hundred years. It is essential to understand here that this change is a new mode of human function. As we awaken to an intelligence within us that dwells beyond the grasp of any belief system, it will free us from the constraints of belief systems. It is the next major step in human evolution.

We are now on the verge of a great phase transition. Humanity has many pieces of the puzzle of our existence, yet how those pieces fit together has remained elusive. Though the interconnectedness of all things is a popular theory, the actual mechanics of interconnectedness is not understood. When the automobile was invented a century ago, no one ever imagined the gases emitted by millions of gasoline engines would cause a hole in the ozone layer of our atmosphere. The interconnectedness between those two phenomenons totally evaded our understanding. A modern theory called the butterfly effect proposes that a butterfly flapping its wings in China affects the weather in Chicago. This is a good step forward. However, the mechanism of all-inclusive interconnection is still a global enigma.

To simply say the universe is holographic isn’t enough. Not only the details of the theory, but also the technology and practical application of the interconnectedness must be revealed. It far exceeds humankind’s wildest dreams. That time is coming. Humanity will eventually understand how the state of our mentality affects the weather. The potential is enormous. We have thus far only seen a glimmer of what it is our species is becoming.

© Michael Mamas, 10/05

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