Thanksgiving Day Notions
by Michael Mamas

Everyone has idealized notions. This is a good time to ask yourself what your notions of the ideal Thanksgiving look like. And then remember that it is different for everyone.

For some, it is family joining around the kitchen table, preparing the feast, with loved ones in the other room playing scrabble. For others, it is a day at the football game or watching television.

It is no wonder that it is a time when some feel melancholy. No one seems to have the exact same ideal notion as you. It seems everyone’s notion is that everyone else fits perfectly into his own personal ideal notion. Then they are disappointed.

Look deeper.

Thanksgiving is a time to let go and relax into the depth of your being… that which is pure satisfaction, and that which loves unconditionally. We all share the same one humanity. Your friends and loved ones join you on a level that transcends idealized notions. It is the level of universality. The power of Thanksgiving dwells there. With the attention of so many on that level, Thanksgiving becomes a profoundly healing and evolutionary time for all. Having your attention on that level assures a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Get the depth right, and all else takes care of itself.

This one day each year is set aside to be thankful for all the good that is. It is a day to count your blessings and release your cares. Do not underestimate the powerful blessing we all receive by joining in the national group consciousness of that gratitude.

Resting into that, you will most assuredly have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let us all be thankful for our lives and for one and other.

© Michael Mamas, 11/12