The Next Step Forward
by Michael Mamas

There are three realms, or levels, to existence. The most superficial is the physical. Deeper than that is the energetic. The deepest level is the transcendental.

For years, I taught hands-on energy work. People essentially just learned to feel what was under their hands and see what was right in front of their faces. You may think that should not be so hard. However, if you have been raised with the attitude of only really trusting the concrete (i.e., the physical realm), then feeling energy (chakras, auras, etc.) is most challenging.

I remember all the resistances, fears, and doubts that came up in classes quite well. Such conditioning has a powerful grip on people and their relationship with the world. It does not let go of them, nor they of it, without a struggle.

Over the years, my students became increasingly comfortable with the real world of the energetic realm. I am, of course, not speaking here of something dissociative or an irrational way of life, but of something substantive and grounded.

Even the notion of the energetic realm was enough to compromise the ability of many to discover that realm of life. Projection, lack of understanding, and lack of familiarity were the real culprits. I always have said that once humanity understands this realm, it will become quite matter-of-fact and common sense in even the most skeptical of quarters.

We now embark upon the next quantum leap, the next step: the third, deepest, and final realm of existence… the transcendental.

You may well be confronted with all the same challenges as with the energetic realm such as: “I can’t feel anything”, “This is just another religion”, “I can’t believe this could possibly work”, etc.

It is fine. This is neither bad nor good. It just is. We begin with what is and move forward accordingly. As with the energetic realm, such reservations are certainly understandable. It is only natural to fear what is unfamiliar and to project upon it. It is all part of the process. In fact, I encourage you to question. Asking “why” is good. Understanding is essential. After all, everything must ultimately make sense and feel right to YOU.

Ancient texts say the student should accept whatever is given by the teacher. However, this should not be taken as blind faith. I like to use the analogy of the math professor. When you do not understand a formula, you work hard to fathom it. Little is accomplished if you argue with the professor every step of the way. To deny or criticize what you do not understand is no way to live your life, lest you choose to advance very little.

Yet, your duty is to study hard, realizing that the professor knows things you do not. You are there to learn from the professor. With humility, patience, time and effort, you will, in time, come to know more. Through that process, you grow. It does not mean you blindly accept. Quite the contrary… you figure it out from within your own self. The professor is your trusted guide. The ancient texts advise a healthy relationship with the teacher. Blind faith is not that. Nor is a lack of willingness to put in the effort and have the humility to learn from the teacher.

Many of you have been with me for years now. You know me by my teachings. You know that I am a rational man. It is good to remember, as with the energetic realm, I do not ask for, or want, blind faith in what I offer.

Cultivate wise discernment. Reflect and ponder. Afford me the same sort of relationship that you would have with a respected professor.

With that, I can help you find real knowledge within yourself.

© Michael Mamas, 4/11