The Self is Revealed To the Self By the Self
by Michael Mamas

It’s all about you. It’s an internal process. The Self is revealed to the self by the Self. Rishi, Devata, Chhandas: The Knower (that’s the Self), the known (that’s the personality self), and the process of Knowing (by the Self). The Knower, the known, the process of Knowing; the Holy Trinity; the three gunas.

The doshas are the imbalances that exist between those three things. It’s the relationship of the Knower with the known. It’s the relationship of the Knower with the process of Knowing. You might say this is what we explore in class. You are the Knower and there is a process that we go through. What is your relationship with that process? Is there imbalance there? If the imbalance is Vata, you might go out into space since Vata is air. If it’s Pitta, you might get angry. If it’s Kapha, you might fall asleep.

As those things become refined, everything becomes profound. Stopping at Starbucks this morning to get coffee was a profound spiritual experience with the depth of knowledge everywhere. Everything pregnant with knowledge, singing the song of life, revealing the complexities of life. The cosmic joke, a profound mystery, everywhere and in everything. The Self, eternally revealed to the self, by the Self, reflected in every experience. The experience, when your relationship with that experience is healthy, is enough to enlighten you every moment.

They say that in the state of enlightenment, everything is a yagya. Everything is a ceremony in a Knower, known, process of Knowing profound physiological sense. It’s a proclamation of divinity; a profound sophistication, complexity, and beauty inherent in the nature of no-thing-ness. Everything in its essential nature is not a thing. Everything in its essential nature is no-thing. It’s an expanded, limitless, unbounded field of pure Is-ness, pure Conscious-ness. All of relativity is lightly etched on the face of no-thing-ness. If your perception of existence is clear, this is self-evident, revealed to the self, by the Self, through the Self.

The beauty of it is I do not need to impose this experience upon you. It’s your true nature. All I need to do is till the soil and push your buttons. It’s like massage, pushing a muscle one way and pushing it the other way. As you keep pushing it back and forth, sooner or later the muscle says, “Enough! Stop! I can’t stand it anymore. Leave me alone.” Then, you’ve massaged the muscle enough to take a break.

© Michael Mamas, 12/07