The Subtlest Technology

An ideal society is a beacon light of harmony for the entire planet. Just as a radio transmitter sends its message throughout the world, an ideal society radiates Divinity throughout our planet. It has been said that many saints throughout recorded history have attempted to create such a place, yet they have all failed. Why? What is the technology behind building an ideal society? Vedic knowledge has many facets. The vast field of temple technology alone requires many highly specialized experts. The architect is one. Secondly, there are the priests who conduct the actual ceremonies. Thirdly are the organizers who fund the building of the structure. The delicacy of their task is often overlooked. Personal and financial biases can easily creep in, undermining the precise technology needed for such an engineering feat. How freely we recognize that the construction of a cell phone depends upon precise wiring and how readily we ignore the need for such precision regarding the technology of Vedic temples.

Let’s assume that all of this is in order and we have an ideal Vedic temple in operation. When we take a step back and view the situation with a wider angle lens, additional critical components come into focus. I have discussed the importance of groups meditating together and the subtlety of that technology. For example, proper meditation, proper transition (coming out of meditation), careful monitoring of the group dynamic in relation to frequency of meditation, activity outside of meditation, and cyclically increasing and decreasing the frequency of meditation. All of this and more is encompassed in the subtle art of facilitating evolution.

Even more is involved in creating an ideal society. Maintaining group coherence is not a strict linear function. Rather, it entails the management of human behavior and the unique personas that make up any group of people. Strict, narrow controls stifle the process. It’s the imposition of such controls that have been the downfall of many attempts to create an ideal society. Too much control suppresses natural growth. Not enough results in attrition, chaos, and compromise of Truth. Proper management is every bit as much an art as it is a science.

Creating a core that radiates Divine light to the planet requires a seamless amalgamation of precise temple orchestration, proper meditation technique, proper architecture of the physical as well as the sublime, management of social and individual behavior, and more—all into a unified whole. We must pay careful attention to many aspects: the laws of the land where this is all taking place, social traditions and their interface with Vedic technology, the design and natural lay of the land in respect to Vastu principles, and the proper approach to dealing with obstacles, conflicts, dissidence, and emotional indulgences. Everything must be orchestrated wisely and precisely. In so doing, a beacon-light community is created. It will act as an interface between the Absolute and the relative. It will become a fountainhead that radiates Divine light, healing, and harmony throughout the planet.

This is no small task. There are so many aspects to creating an enlightened society. Each and every one of them is an entire field of study in and of itself.

A number of great enlightened masters have walked this earth. It is natural to wonder how it could be that none succeeded in creating an enlightened society. It might be better to phrase this question another way: “In light of the fact that great enlightened masters failed in their attempts to create an enlightened society, what can we learn about: 1) the nature of enlightenment; and 2) the nature of time. If history has shown us anything, it has shown there is a limit to what one individual accomplishes, regardless of his level of enlightenment. We have preconceived notions regarding anything and everything, including the nature of enlightenment. Beginning students may ask how it is possible an enlightened person could need glasses or get sick. To evolve past one’s preconceived notions regarding enlightenment, one must assimilate these realities, and thereby redefine one’s understanding of enlightenment. The same is true regarding the ability to create an ideal society. Enlightened individuals have a mission, a life’s purpose. For some, it is to purify the Knowledge. For others, it may be to enlighten a small handful of individuals. Still others may live a simple life.

Questions naturally arise. “If what you are saying about how to create an enlightened society is true, how could it be that people do not already know it? How could so many people be wrong?” This speaks to point two above, the nature of time. To respond in a couple of words, you could simply say “Kali Yuga,” the age when Knowledge is obscured. Time breathes. With each breath in and out, the laws of nature change. There are ages of enlightenment and ages of darkness. We are now leaving an era of ignorance of natural law, and entering an enlightened time.

It seems to have been inherent to every age and society that they felt they had the answers—they understood what life was all about. Isn’t it interesting that previous ages and other societies are commonly viewed as “not really getting it.” Yet the notion of “getting it,” is in fact the very problem. “Getting it” limits the heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Moving beyond the realm of “getting it” is what Zen Buddhists have referred to as the state of No Mind. We are talking about an entirely new approach, one that says there is no “it” to get. Real wisdom liberates the spirit from that age-old trap that has ensnared humanity throughout the ages. Our very approach precludes falling into that trap by first questioning the notion of what it means “to know.” Everything we’ve learned, as well as how we function, needs to be questioned rigorously and unceasingly. Wisdom cannot be programmed; it can only be freed from the chains of conditioning. This is what makes what we do unique. Please do not confuse this with deprogramming techniques that remove one’s conditioning, only to replace it with another. Our approach frees the fundamental, inherent wisdom within every individual. Wisdom is not acquired; it is liberated.

Imagine the potential! An ideal technology, the technology of Divinity, does exist. It is our mission to bring it forth. It is what we are here to do. The manifestation of that will emerge simultaneously with the coming Age of Enlightenment.

It follows that if we can create an ideal community as we are doing with Mount Soma, an Age of Enlightenment will arise as well. Some may argue that it is the birth of the Age of Enlightenment that brings forth such a community. Here we have the chicken versus the egg paradox. Which comes first? The reality is they come together, hand in hand.

In the past, I have been asked, “If the Age of Enlightenment is coming anyway, why bother? Why not just sit back and wait for the Age of Enlightenment to come?” It’s important to understand that there is elasticity to time. Yes, the Age of Enlightenment is coming, but whether or not it comes sooner or later and how long it lasts is up to us. How much suffering you, your loved ones, and the rest of the world endure between now and then is up to us. The genocides of Southeast Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe could all have been avoided. When one realizes this, the question, “Why bother?” ceases. The commitment, “We must do everything we can!” reigns.

People also get confused with the notion: things are well and wisely put; they are exactly as they should be. The error here falls into the category of cross-realm projection, taking the laws of one reality and attempting to impose them upon another. As human beings, we are simultaneously aware of the field of eternal perfection and the field of relativity, cause and effect. Through dedication to the proper cause, we can bring about the desired effect.

These things do not happen passively. They happen actively, dynamically, with commitment and effort. By staying true to our cause, we will birth Mount Soma, an ideal community. Now is our time. With dedication, effort, perseverance, and wisdom, through Mount Soma, we can bring forth the Enlightened Age. This is not arrogance; it is technology. It is a marriage of sublime science with sublime art. Though it has eluded humanity for generations, its time is now at hand. It is our duty to see to it that it does not slip through our fingers.

I can understand how all this is difficult for somebody to comprehend and even more difficult to accept. However, my work is not to offer that which is easy to comprehend and accept. My job is to pursue and bring forth Truth. Compromising Truth in order to make it comprehensible and easy is a large part of how we got into the mess of Kali Yuga in the first place.

© Michael Mamas, 1/09