True Happiness
by Michael Mamas

The small individual self, by its very nature, is polarizing. It is important to be devoted to the self. However, the self must grow to become the greater Universal Self. To the small self, as the process occurs, it can feel like an abandonment or loss of control. It turns out to be emancipation.

You want to be happy? You want to be fulfilled? Then move beyond the small you. Some call this loss of ego. That is actually not correct. It is really the evolution of ego to become cosmic Ego… One with the Totality.

Oftentimes, the problem with psychotherapy is that its goal becomes to strengthen the small self. There is no fulfillment there. Evolution means integration of the bounded with the unbounded… not the strengthening of the bounded.

Commit to the unbounded… become free.

Asking the small self to stay positive is like insisting the little remain little, stay attached to its littleness, but become big. When a child grows up, toys just naturally lose their charm. True positivity only comes about when one outgrows identity with the small self.

Integration means acting through the small self, but not being lost to the smallness of the small self. People want their small self to be happy. That is not possible. Happiness occurs as one awakens to the True Self. Pleasure, happiness, fulfillment, joy, etc., must take on a new meaning before you can have them.

You do not become the Sun by holding it at bay and trying to mimic it from afar. That is simply another form of denial… “Don’t Even kNow I Am Lying”.

To be happy, become big. Which is to say, lose your self to your God. There is a Cosmic Divine Flow… join it. However, that is not attained through attitude. It is the cultivation of a state of consciousness – a state of physiology.

Proper meditation is your best tool. Humble reflection upon these words, which are designed to free you, is also essential. If the reflection is not humble, the meaning is lost as the words are assimilated in the context of the listener’s belief system. They cease to be what they were.

Spiritual teachings are not true spiritual teachings if they just give you a belief system to cling to. They must be designed to free you of your belief systems. Thereby, you awaken to the Cosmic Flow, which is in fact Your Own True Nature. See?

You cannot get the depth right by focusing on the surface. However, you can pretty much take care of the surface, through proper attention to the depth. Yes, it is important to put a great deal of attention on the surface, but for the most part, people do so to the exclusion of putting sufficient attention on the depth.

Similarly, water the root of a plant, tend to the root, and the rest of the plant pretty much takes care of itself. Tend as you may to the rest of the plant without providing the root with sufficient water and care, and the rest of the plant is doomed. This is the plight of Kali Yuga… too much attention to the surface. As I look around, most everyone lacks proper balance in this regard.

This is not a matter of perspective. The laws of nature are what they are.

With all that is going on in your life and in the world, it can feel like a challenge to remain positive. But positivity is not about the surface. It is about the depth.

What is life’s deepest purpose? What is your deepest relationship with God and how does that determine the course of your life? In fact, how does that determine the course of all of life?

Being positive simply means knowing and remembering the answers to such questions and remaining committed to those answers as the underlying theme and purpose of your life.

Yes, of course, you must tend to the surface. That includes the joy as well as the difficulties. But they must never overshadow your deepest purpose. You are here to evolve… not only your self, but also all the world.

By holding that in your heart, and living with steadfast commitment to that, you are living a life of positivity. Forward, forward…. be it knee deep in mud, flood, or famine, or basking in the joy of the bright sunshine… do not be distracted.

Positivity means unyielding commitment to the Divinity within you. The Kingdom of Heaven, true happiness, lies within.

© Michael Mamas, 4/12