by Michael Mamas

Everything and Everywhere has a vibration. The vibrations you surround yourself with and the vibrations you hold within you do more to determine your life than anything else. In fact, they are your life. Even vibrations that you resist color your world. In fact, your resistance too is a vibration.

You access vibrations, not through thoughts, but through feelings. Deep inside, in a place beyond any denial or rationalization, you feel the truth of every vibration you experience. The gateway to that truth is called innocence. Innocence is not naivety. Innocence is untainted, unadulterated self-honesty.

Tend carefully to the vibrations in your life. Your thoughts are a vibration. Your words are a vibration. Your feelings are a vibration. Your food is a vibration. Your home, your community, your workplace… all are vibrations. Your environment from moment to moment is a vibration. Where you put your attention is a vibration. You are the vibrations you sustain within yourself… mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Meditation permeates you with the exquisite vibration of the divinity of your own soul. Mantras culture your vibration in a manner unique to each.

Vedic Pandits live a lifestyle highly determined by vibrations. They must keep their physiology fine, in an environment of fine vibrations, so they can be conduits of the sublime vibrations of the mantras.

Everything has/is a vibration. Vibration is the essence of the charmed, almost magical, component to your life. Your vibrations determine your life, your health, your psyche… everything.

This all is not to say that you must constantly be concerned about the vibrations around you, for that would create a vibration of fear and unrest. Be easy with the notion of vibration. But do pay attention. If you do that, your own divine nature will spontaneously guide you to a more and more fulfilling and evolutionary life.

© Michael Mamas, 4/12