Concentration vs. Contemplation vs. Transcending
with Michael Mamas

There are many different forms of meditation. A lot of times we start to get confused and try to project one form of meditation onto another form of meditation. Some people call meditation basically contemplation: you’re sitting and thinking about something or feeling into something or reflecting on something, etc. Some people say, “Oh, I meditate when I garden in my backyard.” If they want to call that a form of meditation, that’s their business. Some people think that meditation requires concentration and effort: You push out thoughts, stay focused, and stay on the Self with no thoughts. If a thought comes, you try to resist it or get rid of it somehow. Or maybe if you’re doing a mantra chant, you just focus on the mantra and no thoughts: mantra, mantra, mantra, mantra. All those things are NOT what we are talking about when we talk about the Surya Ram Meditation.