by Michael Mamas

In this video, Michael Mamas discusses cynicism. “A cynic is someone who sees things how they are rather than how they ought to be.” This quote is really upside-down. Clearly a cynic wrote that, right? If you really see things for how they are, you’re not a cynic. You see the divinity in everything, you see the beauty in everything, and you see the elegance in the whole dynamic.

So really, it’s the cynic who sees things the way they think they ought to be. That’s what a cynic is. It’s a judgment orientation. It’s a cynical orientation. It sounds trite, but life is beautiful, humanity is a beautiful thing. The whole texture of group consciousness and the idea that people are part of a group consciousness… To be able to take a step back and view that, feel that pulse, feel the humanity in all people, the texture of the whole thing and come to commune with it in a way where “Maybe I can change this, but here I don’t think I can, and it’s not the appropriate time to intervene…” Do you know what? That’s just people’s nature – part of it. That is perceiving things how they are. That’s not cynical at all.