Manifestation of Existence
by Michael Mamas

In this video, Michael Mamas discusses “Manifestation of Existence”. Fundamental to the understanding of the nature of life and existence is something called “the unified field”. It’s something that modern physicists have known about and explored for not that long, a few decades. Einstein is the one who had the idea of the Unified Field Theory from the perspective of physics. It is very interesting that not all, but a number of modern physicists have said that the more they study the unified field, the more they come to realize that it is a field of consciousness. All the qualities of the unified field are, in fact, just the qualities of consciousness itself. This is really interesting because the ancient Seers and Rishis have been saying that for thousands of years. We want to take a look at this unified field and see what we can learn from it. See if we can derive the whole universe from it.