The ‘I Get It’ Syndrome
with Michael Mamas

When you drop a pebble in a pond, rings go cascading out. Each ring parallels an outer ring. So, if you were living on one of the rings and looked at the ring right next to it, you might say, “Same thing, I understand everything about that ring.” And as you go inward, and more inward, to the rings close to the pebble, you would say, “I understand the point of entry, no difference.”

In the case of the unified field and our relationship with it, those are called echoes of Truth. Each echo is a different level of understanding of the root, the seed, the essence of anything and everything. In the area of spirituality, people do that around the notion of the unified field, God. On some superficial level of life, it is what we call the astral realm. We have astral notions of God: some guy sitting on a cloud, some people are playing harps, etc. Pick your religion, and you know the astral correlate. There is a certain beauty to the astral correlate…