Online Presence Project

Overview & Current Progress

The goal of this project is to build Michael Mamas’ visibility and name-recognition online, which helps lay the foundation for world-wide notoriety, including a TV show in India. We need a strong online presence, which includes what people see in search results. The project helps us to build connections, resources, and familiarity with the interface between the Knowledge and global consciousness.

We’ve been building multiple websites and social media accounts which are rising in search results. The immediate goal is to have positive, representative results on the first two pages of Google’s search results for a "michael mamas" search.

What Your Help Does – the Role of Student Engagement

Surya Ram Students play a role that can’t be replicated any other way. We are the “real people”, the “real followers and fans”. When the public checks out this new thought leader on the scene, seeing that there are everyday people who can “vouch” for what he is saying makes a difference. In terms of customers, we are the returning customer whose positive experience makes the best endorsement. Our public engagement of his teachings sets the precedent for how he is received.

On an even more tangible level, students’ commenting and sharing posts helps reach and engage a wider audience. It makes the official activity of the Michael Mamas sites and social media have greater impact. This is more valuable than just clicking links and liking posts, which, increasingly, we’re getting his growing online following to do.

Students Can:

  1. Illustrate the presence of Michael Mamas’ real-person following, online.
  2. Help purify the group consciousness (by osmosis) and clarify the Knowledge.
  3. Share about Michael Mamas & teachings from your experience and perspective. This is often the best marketing; most people will relate to this the best.

Getting Started:

  1. Start your own social media accounts. Familiarize yourself with how they work. See Help & Tips.
  2. Engage – Like, Comment, Share. Find your “natural” style of engagement (whether that’s a one word comment on many posts, or a more reflective comment less frequently, etc.) Of course, we’re all leaning in the direction of engaging more rather than less, but without coming across as “spammy” or “culty”. We want the feeling that others get to be that we are “fans”, but not “groupees”. This leads us to the next point:
  3. Act like the “average” user. Remain aware of how your activity & language could come across to others.
    1. Activity: Most people find multiple accounts to follow and engage with. To find interesting accounts on social media, you can search that social media site for public figures, organizations, or topics of interest. See Help & Tips.
    2. Language: Use “Michael Mamas” as often as natural (to support search results). In public, avoid titles such as “Brahmarshi,” “Michaelji”, “spiritual teacher”, etc. which can sound culty to outsiders. See Language & Titles.

Addressing Your Concerns

Many privacy concerns can be addressed or avoided. Some social media networks require transparency about your identity and personal connections (e.g. Facebook & LinkedIn). On others, it is common to use private identities and build connections with strangers based on common interests. See Social Media Chart.

After establishing accounts and basic familiarity, engagement on social media will take less time and energy to maintain. Tip: Ask Joy Anna about Hootsuite, a program that helps you set up shortcuts for engaging on multiple social media sites – a major help for time & convenience.

Overwhelm, Confusion
Learning curves are normal. We hope our Help & Tips (link) can ease that somewhat. Allow yourself the space to explore a bit. Make use of each social media site’s Help Center, and feel free to contact