Help and Tips

Social Media Help Guide

The Social Media Help Guide includes instructions and tips for Social Media account startup, privacy settings, and basic engagement.

Descriptive Chart of Social Media Sites

The Descriptive Chart of Social Media Sites includes brief descriptions of each Social Media site. The chart is organized by:

  1. How important each site is to Michael Mamas search results
  2. Type/interest (e.g. artistic vs. discussion based)
  3. Whether or not each site requires personal contacts, or private identities are welcome.

Additional Help & Tips

The Tips on Social Media document includes:

  1. What are Hashtags (& other Gibberish)? – decoding social media posts
  2. How To Grow Your Audience – on Twitter & Google+
  3. Hootsuite – time-saving program for managing multiple social media accounts

Video Tutorials

These have not been set up yet. Contact if interested.

Help Services for Social Media

Many questions can be answered by the Help Services of each social media site (locations provided below). If you need assistance in addition to that, contact Mount Soma’s social media help staff at

Links to Websites, Blogs & Social Media

The Connect page has links to all Michael Mamas related websites, blogs, 3rd party articles, and social media sites.