Current Priorities

Social Media Priorities

  1. Top Focus: Twitter, Google+, Instagram
  2. Build: Medium, SlideShare, SoundCloud. These sites require less investment, as they have about 1 new post per week, and are less complex. Just start an account, follow Michael Mamas, and engage (Like & Comment) somewhat. Links to new content on these sites will be posted on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+; handy reminders & shortcuts!
  3. Maintain: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.

Stay tuned via the Surya Ram Student Updates for eventual shifts in priority, as changes in the search result trends present us with a moving target.

Resources – See Help & Tips for help with Social Media.

Website Priorities

  1. Top Focus: (CRS site with Current Events Blog) and (Vedic knowledge site with blog).
  2. Build: Medium. This site is half social media, half blog.
  3. Maintain: