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Note: These talks are all mp3 files. Once purchased, right click on the download links on the confirmation page to save them.

Wisdom Lectures

In 2001, Michael Mamas gave a free three-day seminar entitled “Wisdom”.  This is the audio from that seminar. The content includes dialogue between Michael Mamas and the audience.

“Spirituality devoid of rationality results in foolishness. Rationality devoid of spirituality results in a sterile life.”  says Dr. Mamas, “When our spirituality and rationality are seamlessly integrated, our lives are enriched.”

The Wisdom Lectures are presented as 36 separate mp3 files.

Listen to the beginning of the seminar.

Rg Veda Spoken in English

Michael Mamas reads the Rg Veda in English. This is a wonderful way to fall asleep or to listen when you are in a peaceful mood. The feeling is exquisite. Note: five separate mp3 files.

30 Minute Audio Series

Taken from lectures that Michael Mamas has given throughout the years, these six (6) 30 minute clips are perfect to listen to in the car or on a walk. Add them to your mp3 playlist!

Options are:

  • Life is All about People
  • The Veda
  • Mapping
  • The Art of Manifestation
  • The Notion of Renunciation
  • Mount Soma: A Vedic Community