The Dharma Sutras


Your Dharma is the song of your soul… what you came here to do… your life's purpose…

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Written by Michael Mamas.

Why is Dharma so elusive?
A meaningful life requires a profound approach.
Few are willing to look that deeply.
Even fewer live true to what they find there.

What are the Dharma Sutras? “Sutra” means thread.
These Sutras weave a tapestry that mirrors your essence.
Reflect upon them to discover your greatest gifts and fulfill your deepest longing.

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I’ve never seen a relationship book that takes me so much deeper into myself, and I now realize just how much my own internal relationship with myself affects my relationships with others. – Dave E.

Dharma Sutras gives me a feel for how diverse the world is. In some ways- I feel how my tendency is to see how I don’t fit. But there’s a way that this takes me to a place that’s deeper inside – so I know me. It’s not about retrofitting me into the world. – Denise H.

The concepts in this book are refreshingly different. It’s not the standard ‘pop psych’ stuff that’s out there. And they are right on. – James R.

One of the things I love about this book is that the Relationship Sutras apply to any kind of relationship. I use it in my primary relationship, as well as with my family, friends and co-workers. – Nancy K.

What a touch stone. I keep it on the kitchen table where I have tea every morning. – Nancy C.

I like that this book combines relationships with spiritual principles. It creates a basis that is deeper than anything else out there. It’s uplifting. – Jason M.

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