Use Logic to Move You
by Michael Mamas

I’ve been having a lot of fun lately researching the latest information on exercise and nutrition. I’ve explored many of the latest diet and training regimes. It’s fascinating to see how much new and valuable information has surfaced even over the past ten years. I think the internet has been largely responsible for making information available that had been tucked away in academic ivory towers for decades. Following things along in a logical progression has led me in a direction that I initially would never have imagined. I intend to continue to wherever it leads. Logic, reason, and common sense are my guide.

This approach will serve well in whatever endeavor you may pursue. Quite early in my life, I was compelled to understand life, to understand existence. I wondered about the nature of this world in which we live. My pursuits logically led me in a direction. Again, where I arrived astounded me. Yet, there it was. The evidence was irrefutable and the conclusions were perfectly logical and commonsensical. I have dedicated my life to teaching what I discovered.

Some of the responses I’ve gotten surprised me. It’s as if few are willing to follow logic, reason, and common sense if it compels them to move beyond the limitations of their conditioning. One beautiful example is Vedic technology, specifically yagyas. I’ve been intrigued to notice how some people are simply unable to go there. It’s simply too foreign to their conditioning. My explanations of free will vs. predetermination, mapping, multiple realities, and so on, are other examples.

Yet, logic and reason must be handled wisely. Remarkably, many who are dedicated to logic ignore anything that their logic system does not embrace or even fathom. As I’m fond of saying, anything can be justified with the intellect. Burying your head in the sand by adhering to a logical system that does not account for all aspects and all things in life, results in a limited life, a narrow vision. A logical system that fathoms and embraces all aspects of life is Truth. As your understanding of life expands, your understanding of Truth expands. Logic then serves as a dynamic tool to open your awareness as opposed to a narrow system that limits your thinking, perpetuating your indoctrination into a conditioned and limited life.

As you learn to use logic to move you beyond your current conditioning, you develop a profoundly powerful tool, not only for your enjoyment of a particular arena of life, but for your overall evolution—everything from diet to exercise to enlightenment.

© Michael Mamas, 7/10