Before You Come to Class


Learn the Meditation

We recommend that you practice Surya Ram Meditation twice daily for at least 2 weeks before attending a course. If you are new to Surya Meditation, it is preferable to practice Surya Ram Meditation for a month, and then learn Surya Ram Meditation with Advanced Technique.

Read About Surya Ram Classes

We suggest you read the Surya Ram Classes page, including the Prerequisites section. Please make sure to complete the prerequisites before registering for class.

For Your Safety

If you have a history of mental or emotional breakdown or are on a drug regimen that is intended to reduce breaks from reality, we require a letter from your prescribing physician stating that you are mentally and emotionally stable enough to participate in meditation and group living situations.

Recreational drugs/alcohol are strictly prohibited at any Mount Soma course. We highly recommend that you discontinue any use of recreational drugs or alcohol two weeks before attending a course at Mount Soma.