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mount soma

Imagine owning a home in a beautiful mountain setting…a hideaway nestled in a Vedic community. It is an opportunity to stay in an environment alive with the Transcendent, near Maha Nandi and the powerful vibrations of Sri Somesvara Temple.

At Mount Soma, you’re free from the noise and rush of modern life. Here you are surrounded and supported by Nature. Here you have what you’ve always wanted: a community that supports your health, enjoyable relationships, a restful home, and a vibrant life. By combining the knowledge of Vastu architecture with beautiful mountain property, an ideal setting is created for individuals and families to flourish.

Cottage Home

Far from rustic, each Cottage Home is a turn-key little house. All of the options to personalize your Cottage Home have been preselected for you to make construction fast, easy, and convenient. A Cottage Home is ideal for single or small family year-round living and an excellent investment for those who would love a mountain vacation home at majestic Mount Soma.

Best of all, it is eco-friendly! By using innovative building techniques, “green” materials, excellent quality insulation, and high efficiency HVAC units for heat and air conditioning, the Cottage Home is high quality and low maintenance, ideally suited to a variety of needs.

Lots Available

Mount Soma is 448 acres of magnificent property filled with a diverse range of beautiful trees, rock formations, and natural springs. You can choose whether you prefer views from your home of the mountains, pasture, forest, or all three! Whether you desire a house on top of a ridge or in a valley, there is property that will accommodate your wishes. Maybe you have always wanted a private home in the woods, prefer an exclusive estate, or enjoy a closer neighborhood feel. It is all available at Mount Soma.

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