Vastu Basics

houseVastu experts agree that 80% of the advantages gained through Vastu can be achieved by incorporating the following simple principles. These principles make so much sense that they are naturally found in many homes across the nation.

1. The Still-center

Have you ever been to a town where there was no center, just strip mall after strip mall? It feels scattered and disorganized. When there is a town center, the area feels cozier and more settled. There’s better orientation. Similarly, the Vastu still-center provides your home with a feeling of harmony, peacefulness, and integration. Many houses already have a still-place in the foyer or part of a great room—where the kids may play, and the home finds its center.

2. Making Your Home a Natural Observatory

By aligning your home with the cardinal directions, the sun rises directly out the east windows and sets directly out the west. The moon, all the stars, and planets follow the same course. This creates a fascinating ongoing appreciation for the nighttime sky. Very quickly, the heavens seem to be incorporated within your home. Celestial events, such as the rising of the harvest moon, regularly fill your home. Most of us only occasionally enjoy such things during a camping trip or late night walk.

3. The Northeast Room

You may want to take a moment to quietly sit in the room occupying the northeast corner of your home. It remains untouched by the harshness of the midday and evening sun. This creates a feeling of soft solitude ideal for a library, study, or meditation room. That momentary experience is all it takes…

4. The Southeast Corner

Throughout the day, the sun’s rays enliven this part of your home, making it an ideal location for the activities of the kitchen—cooking, talking, and congregating. The warmth of the early morning sunlight gently awakens the home and eases everyone into the day’s activities. The brightness and vitality of the sun enhance the kitchen activities and add a feeling of liveliness to the home.

5. The Front Door

Most Vastu homes have the front door facing due east. Start your morning with the rising sun as you venture out for a day of activity. Return home in the evening to the soft, protected invitation of your front door, shaded from the harsh, western sun.

You can enjoy the benefits of Vastu, not only through the design of your home, but also through Mount Soma’s geographic layout and within each public structure. Just as spending time in nature eases the heart and clears the mind, spending time in a Vastu community encourages relaxation and balance. The harmonious effect is a subtle, yet tangible experience.