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Welcome to Mount Soma!

A magnificent 448-acre Vedic community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Mount Soma is founded on the universal principles of nature, the Veda.

Mount Soma is a place designed to help people evolve, by awakening them to their innate divinity and integrating ancient spiritual wisdom with modern life.

“Contained within the Veda is the knowledge of how to construct an Enlightened City that will radiate coherence and harmony to our entire world. Mount Soma is that place, under construction. Now is the time to implement Vedic knowledge and transform humanity.”
– Michael Mamas

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Michael Mamas

Michael Mamas

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The Spiritual Revolution, with Michael Mamas

In this video, Michael Mamas discusses the current spiritual revolution, and introduces the answer it demands.

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Why an Enlightened Community?

Sometime when people are talking, pretend you don’t understand the language they are speaking. See how much you can get from the tone of their voice and gestures. Observe the behavior that goes beyond their words. Just feel the energy contained within the interpersonal dynamic… read more

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Live Video of Sri Somesvara Temple

The Knowledge is there. We will bring it forth. We invite you to join us.