Articles by Michael Mamas

Michael Mamas combines Eastern Knowledge and Western scientific thought. He resolves paradigm conflicts and provides insight into many different areas of life. As he takes a person beyond current models and belief systems, awareness is expanded and all aspects of life start to make more sense. As additional facets of life are revealed, there is an opportunity to start moving beyond what is known.


Recommend reading these Basics in this order:

  1. The Big Bang Theory – A New Perspective
  2. The Three Realms of Existence – A Model that Can Change Your Life
  3. Discover the Reality Continuum
  4. Mapping
  5. Resolving the Darwinism/Creationism Debate
  6. Humanity’s Place in the Universe
  7. Freedom from Conditioning
  8. Key to Success: Relationship with…

Debate Topics in Today’s World


Explanations Based on Science





Learning and How You Relate to Knowledge


Mount Soma

Personal Growth and Exploration

Receiving Support of Nature


Relationship with Spirituality

World Topics

Vedic Knowledge

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